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Alt Hotel

The alternative choice in hotel experiences, after all it’s in their name – Alt. If you hoped for a contemporary hotel with the comforts of home, then you’ve booked the right place. I’ve stayed in the Toronto & Halifax Alt locations, both are conveniently located on airport property walking distance or a quick free shuttle to the terminal. I have no need for taxis or buses when catching my flight because now I’m minutes away from the airline check-in. Killing time in the terminal? Never again. At Alt, I can sleep in, work in my room, hit the gym, play some pool, swing in a chair, read a book by the fire, or just stop by to relax in their lounges. It’s like being a Platinum Club member for airport lounges without needing a card.

Alt Hotel

The first thing I noticed about Alt is the bold décor. It’s full of bright colours that are featured throughout their meeting rooms, guest rooms, and lounges. Anyone can contribute photographs to their digital Instagram wall, which of course I did. You can even upload one now using #altexpo and make sure it’s colourful. In seconds, anyone who is standing in front of the wall will see your picture pop-up on screen!

Each floor is themed by a different colour. The room I stayed in was violet themed, clean-cut and elegant with a touch of home. Raw materials juxtaposed with high-end furniture. My favourite part was the leather chair that looks like it should be The Captain’s seat on Star Trek. But I’m a techie, not a Trekkie. I always travel with cameras, a laptop, phone, and a variety of batteries to charge. It’s great to have a room with built-in wall USB plugs for charging multiple devices, an Aux port for my music and VGA/ HDMI inputs to watch my laptop on the TV. What!? Free WiFi? Yup, just connect and surf anywhere in the hotel. I hate when hotels charge for WiFi. They’ve thought of everything here.

Alt Hotel

Why Alternative? There are a few key features that separate this chain from all other hotels. Elegance and convenience at it’s finest; they’ve streamlined the needs of travellers and those who work on the go. Have a stopover? It’s the perfect place for a getaway around your getaway. There’s a 24-7 café to enjoy an assortment of fresh salads, sandwiches, and snacks. Have a drink at the bar or grab quick snack before a flight. There’s no need for a spa on site because the bathroom in your suite isn’t far from the real thing… soak it in, you’ve earned it. Every room is a suite, and they’re $154 a night all year round! Can you tell I’m impressed? The hotel manager informed me that the hotels’ heating and cooling is run on a geothermal system, which significantly reduces their energy consumption. Point Alt!

Alt Hotel

Not just a hotel, it’s an event venue as well. As a Traveller and an Event Director, I’m in different hotels every week, so I have a good overall impression of the hotel industry. I’ve attended business meetings and DJ’d parties at Alt Toronto. Most hotels are old worn down buildings with stuffy, dark meeting rooms usually located in the basement. Alt’s new buildings have a fresh advantage to their competitors. Natural daylight pours into their meeting rooms, which makes for an inspiring working environment. I’m picky with my technology, and this hotels got state of the art sound, lighting, and video services. Alt is the new kid on the block with all the new gadgets and gear.

Alt Hotel

What do you look for in your hotel experience?

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