A Book Review: What I Was Doing While You Were Breeding

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** Spoiler alert! I do talk about the ending of the book in this review.

Finally, a review that isn’t full of complaints and a book that I didn’t throw across the room!

It’s difficult for me to write this review without making it all about me, so bear with me while I make this all about me.

I took this book personally.

I happened to read “What I Was Doing While You Were Breeding by Kristin Newman” at the exact moment in my life that I needed it. At 27, I had recently settled in my first ‘big girl apartment’, started calling writing and traveling a career instead of a hobby, and was feeling pretty damn good about myself. I even had a boyfriend who was in England and whom I was planning to visit during my upcoming 4-month trip in Europe.

Not surprisingly, plans change; especially when plans involve relationships and/or travel. I wanted solo travel. I wanted a relationship. I wanted freedom. I wanted to follow through on my commitment. Ultimately, I chose to take my own path.

“Everyone I knew, no matter what they chose, was at least a little in mourning for that other thing.” ― Kristin Newman”

If you’re a woman who wants to travel, doesn’t mind being alone, has a career that takes you places, enjoys meeting new people, has different groups of friends, and has developed a meaningful relationship, not only with those around you, but with yourself… you might have been told that you’re selfish.

Sound familiar?

You only care about yourself, and your own happiness. Someday you’re going to realize how lonely you are and how you’ll regret the fact that you’re happy and able to make decisions and stand up for yourself because if you don’t, who will?

Oops. Getting personal.

This brings me to the first of many quotes from Newman that caused me to put the book down and happy cry.

“I love that I am but one of millions of single girls hitting the road by themselves these days. A hateful little ex-boyfriend once said that a houseful of cats used to be the sign of a terminally single woman, but now it’s a house full of souvenirs acquired on foreign adventures. He said it derogatorily: Look at all of this tragic overcompensating in the form of tribal masks and rain sticks. But I say that plane tickets replacing cats might be the best evidence of women’s progress as a gender. I’m damn proud of us.” ― Kristin Newman

Newman helped me navigate my way through one of the most major self-discoveries I’ve experienced. I’m not selfish or lonely; I’m comfortable in saying that I’m happy being who I am, as I am, and I think that scares some people.

As I struggled through the changing dynamics of my own relationship, my heart and mind battled out what I was ‘supposed’ to do VS what I felt was ‘right’, my chin was held up by the solidarity found in the pages of Newman’s own self discovery.

Having a change of heart in a relationship is normal, but that doesn’t make it easy.

How can I hurt someone when I still care? How can I be honest about what I need and want without taking away from someone else? How can I show that I’m not a selfish liar when the way I felt two months ago was completely different than the way I feel now? How do I know I’m not lying to myself? Do I make a clean break or try, try again?

All of my questions, and more, were explored in the pages of this book.

What I Was Doing While You Were Breeding takes the reader through the quirky and refreshingly honest tales of Kristin Newman’s work, travel, love life and leaves you wanting to be her best friend.

Although this memoir focuses on the ups and downs of relationships and the inner torture of never being enough (excuse me while I cry again), it also contains a wealth of information about travel locations and is sure to have you adding destinations to your bucket list from almost every appropriately named chapter.

I was slightly disappointed when Newman found love with a man who shared a name with my most recent ex-boyfriend (MooMoo! MOOMOO?).

That being said, knowing that Newman was happy, not because she found a man, but because she found THE man was satisfying. I didn’t get the “and then I got my Prince Charming, as you all should do, and lived happily ever after” vibe from it. I got the “do-what-makes-you-happy-no-matter-where-your-happiness-comes-from” vibe.

I hugged the book and sobbed for a good five minutes. Sobbed. The kind of sob that makes your heart and stomach feel like they’re merging together, and your brain swells and shrinks with your lungs through every shudder.

I’m a wreck.

Now excuse me while I prepare for six more weeks of travel… all by myself.

Have you read this book? Thoughts?

Trish is a freelance travel and lifestyle writer from the East Coast of Canada. Travel lover. Humour finder. Story teller.



  1. August 4, 2016 / 12:54 am

    I love that you read this book right at the time that you needed it. It’s amazing when this happens right? I find that this constantly happens to me in life. Synchronicities.
    Kristen Sarah recently posted..The Best Medicine in the WorldMy Profile

  2. August 1, 2016 / 9:15 pm

    I read this book! Like you, I related to this one…hard. It really made me feel good about my choices to travel by myself and forgo the typical life that's expected. I'm an aspiring TV comedy writer myself, and though the book was meant to be a guide to having a travel relationship, I really would have rathered a guide to get into TV comedy lol! I was like…how do I get to live the life where I work half the year in my dream job and the other half traveling solo? But overall I really, really enjoyed this book as well! Thanks for the great review, it really brought me back 🙂

    • August 4, 2016 / 12:53 am

      Start a YouTube channel! I’m an actress/TV host as well, and combining my love for travel and making videos has created my ultimate dream job. It’s the best, especially because I get to put out any content I want at any time. There is no one approving what I put out. That’s important as a comedian to be able to do that and experiment with your art and see how people respond. Just a thought 🙂
      Kristen Sarah recently posted..Top Travel Items for July 2016My Profile

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