Choosing the Right Bag for Weekend Trips

Who doesn’t love a great weekend getaway?  It’s a great way to leave all of your priorities, responsibilities and work life behind and take off for a few days of care-free adventure. Now, when it comes to packing for a weekend of fun, I would rather leave my big backpack at home and bring a smaller sized bag.  When it comes to choosing the right bag for any of my travels, I tend to be quite picky.  The following is what I look for in a good bag:

Multiple Compartments

The more compartments and secret pockets, the better!  This helps keep all belongings organized and easily accessible.

Strong Straps and Support

Every strap on the bag must be strong and sturdy in any situation.  I intend to throw my bag around and have it sustain multiple injuries without any wear and tear.  I am an adventurer, not a delicate princess.  The bag must also be the best size and fit for my body.  Since I am short and fairly small, I do not want a long or wide fitting bag.  I need a bag that is going to fit nicely on my body without putting any pressure on my shoulders, neck or back.


If I am struggling to carry my bag, then I chose the wrong one.  I like to wear a bag that doesn’t really feel like I’m wearing it.  It must fit nicely on my back and include a waste support or feel comfortable over my shoulder.

Lifetime Warranty

If a bag has a lifetime warranty, I feel like I can put more trust into it lasting.  I highly doubt that any company will want numerous customers constantly sending their bags in to be repaired therefore, I would assume that it has been designed to last a lifetime.

Fashion and Brand

My eyes are quickly drawn to the pretty bag, but I remind myself to not always judge a book by the cover.  However, if the pretty bag ends up also being the best quality, then that is a bonus!

In the above video, I pack for the weekend using my new MJ Shiebe bag.  This bag is a great size for a weekend getaway.  It has multiple compartments varying in size, fits nicely over my shoulder, has a strong, sturdy and adjustable strap and is fashionable.  This bag is also great used as a day bag.  There has yet to be a time that I haven’t received a compliment on my bag when out for the day with it.

MJ Shiebe bag

What I dislike about the bag is that it doesn’t have a handle.  Sometimes I pack a littler heavier than I should into this bag and that puts too much strain on the one shoulder that is carrying it.  I would have loved the option to have a handle at the top of the bag in situations where I need to give my shoulder a break.  Besides that, I’m pretty happy with it.

Now, you tell me…

What do you look for when choosing a bag for short or long-term trips?

Kristen Sarah is a full-time traveller, tiny home owner and adventure junkie. She has one of the leading YouTube travel channels and is the head honcha of award-winning travel and lifestyle website, Hopscotch the Globe.


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