Hopscotch the Globe Featured on Buffalo Rising


I signed up Hopscotch the Globe for Google Alerts a few months ago, so I now receive emails whenever someone else posts about my site.  This morning I received a Google Alert that Hopscotch the Globe was featured in Buffalo Rising – one of Buffalo’s most dynamic and fastest growing websites.  The article featured the video I filmed during a road trip from Toronto to Buffalo to see one of my favourite bands Beats Antique perform at the Town Ballroom.  I had never spent more than a couple of hours in Buffalo, but was surprised to find out that it’s a pretty cool city with great food, accommodations and entertainment.

Buffalo Rising loved the video and had some nice things to say about my stie and YouTube channel.  Click the image below for the full story:

buffalo rising - hopscotch the globe

Kristen Sarah is a full-time traveller, tiny home owner and adventure junkie. She has one of the leading YouTube travel channels and is the head honcha of award-winning travel and lifestyle website, Hopscotch the Globe.


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