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If you didn’t know this already, Hopscotch the Globe has an official book club! Each month, avid reader and fellow traveller, Trish McNeill, will be announcing a travel inspired novel chosen by you to read and review. We will be posting updates on Twitter and Facebook for you to follow along and discuss the novel as we all read through it together. Also, if you have a book you’d like to be the HTG book of the month, let us know by reaching out on social media or comment below. We look forward to having you part of the book club! Last month, we read and reviewed Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer, this month we read Travel Deeper – A Globetrotters Guide To Starting a Business Abroad.

I stared at the book as it slid out of the packaging. Dropping my mailbox keys onto the table with a sigh, I almost scowled down at the cover.

I love fiction. Yet here I was, about to delve into Travel Deeper – A Globetrotter’s Guide to Starting a Business Abroad when I’ve never, in my life, been interested in owning a business and poor little Harry Potter was sat over by my reading chair being all cute and saying “read me next!”.

But I shut Harry in the cupboard and cozied in, preparing for the scent of fresh pages as my newest book baby cracked open. To my wonderful surprise, I started chuckling on the first page.

You know how repetitive sounds can bring comfort and calmness simply by droning on? ….Well the sound of 10-odd chickens clucking behind your head on a crowded bus at six in the morning isn’t one of those sounds.

Immediate guilt for judging a book by it’s cover.

Or, more like, by its genre because the cover is hella purdy.

Spoiler alert slash the first reason why I think you should read this book: Within the next two pages he gets covered in a strangers puke! Fantastic!

Naturally, I put the book down and creeped Spiegel on the internet. For like 20 minutes. This was necessary so I could picture him covered in strangers puke on a bus in Nicaragua with smelly (not discussed in the book but I assume they were, indeed, smelly) chickens. And just like that, the rest of the book was like sitting around a pub, beer in hand, chatting with my pal Ryan about his hostel in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua.

That also might be because I read most of this book at the bar with a beer in hand.

Throughout the whole book I enjoyed the way Ryan told his story, his no-nonsense honesty, and the conversational words he strung together to make the readers feel as though they’re listening to a trustworthy friend.

Aside from providing entertaining stories with a twist of humor and maybe a little heart ache in them, Spiegel has some great words of wisdom and advice to be picked up throughout the read.

You need to fall in love. That’s important. But let’s be real. You also need to make practical decisions that aren’t fogged by infatuation. Love isn’t enough. You also need to find somewhere your business will work.

UMM. Allow me to take a loan out on that blurb and apply it to every aspect of my life by swapping out the word business. Thank you.

I’ve already admitted that I creeped Spiegel early on (vomit free in all pictures, by the way), but I got to a point where I wanted to see the hostel as well. Resume creeping!

Honestly, it looks like a damn good time.

Photo via Facebook

Now that I’m 27 (old as hell, falling apart at the seams, and mature beyond my years), I like to say things like “I couldn’t do that anymore” and “I use Airbnb now because I need a good sleep” and “Oh my, yes, I remember being 20. Where DO they get all that energy?”.

But honestly, it looks like a damn good time and, by reading on, I learned that not only was Spiegel’s hostel a great place to meet new friends and party with fellow travelers on Sunday Funday, but they also, as a business, got involved in the community which is so important when owning a business, especially abroad.

Spiegel saved a lot of the nitty gritty business advice to the end of the book which was a layout that I was a big fan of. It didn’t feel like a boring self-help book or a “look how successful I am” book. It was straight up honest advice from a guy who knows what he’s talking about.

Whether you’re thinking about starting a business abroad or just like a good chuckle and a little insightful bonus, pick up Travel Deeper – A Globetrotter’s Guide to Starting a Business Abroad by Ryan Spiegel here.

I’m on book four of Happy Potter now, by the way.

Trish is a freelance travel and lifestyle writer from the East Coast of Canada. Travel lover. Humour finder. Story teller.



  1. Ryan
    October 16, 2016 / 8:19 pm

    Thanks for the awesome write up!!!

    • October 18, 2016 / 1:20 pm

      I only speak the truth in my reviews. Thanks for a great book!

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