True Fairy Tale Love Stories

Each week, I share Good News from Around the World. This video is full of love stories from all over the world. Fairy tale couples, random acts of kindness and some heart-touching animals. Leave a comment about your love stories below!

Couple Struck by Lightning

This couple was hit by lighting and survived because they were holding hands. Stunned but unharmed, the two realized they were just hit by a bolt of lightening. If their hands weren’t connected they would have suffered severe burns or probably worse. The electricity passed through both their bodies lowering the life-threatening impact. PDA saved their lives!

Woodstock Album Couple Still in Love

The love of Woodstock lives on decades after their gates opened. Bobbi And Nick Ercoline were dating when they attended the most famous festival of all time. A photographer snapped a picture of the two holding each other wrapped in a blanket which became the record album cover. 46 years later, Bobbi and Nick are still together and happily married.

Hannah Brencher is spreading the love one letter at a time. In a world full of emoticons, emails and texting, where have all the love letters gone? Hannah started, a site where you can sign up and receive hand-written letters. The letters are filled with inspiring thoughts and words of encouragement.  

Elephant Chasing Birds

Just try and frown while watching this baby elephant chasing birds in the wild. I’ve seen children chase birds with giggles and smiles, I was once one of them. Let me re-phrase that… I’m still one of them kids chasing birds. Playfulness is infectious.

Bear Saves Crow from Drowning

What would you expect a hungry bear to do when a crow is splashing around in his watering hole? The full grown bear who lives at the zoo has become an internet phenomenon when he displayed a random act of kindness to a helpless crow. The bear stopped eating his fruit, turned around, pulled the crow out of the water and went back to eating his fruit. On-lookers were shocked. Altruism does exist!

Living Notebook Couple

The Notebook isn’t just a popular feature film, it’s a real life story. Jack and Phyllis have been together over 70 years and Jack has wrote in his journal every day of their lives. Now that Phyllis suffers from dementia, Jack reads her stories of their past together and helps Phyllis regain her memory.

Kangaroo Hugs Teddy

Teddy bears aren’t just loved by human children, kangaroos love them too. This little roo was orphaned and raised by humans. He was given a teddy bear growing up to love and hug so he wouldn’t feel alone. Years later and he is old enough to live in the wild. Every so often he hops back where he grew up to have some dinner and hug his teddy.

Siri Saves a Life

Is artificial intelligence possible? It seems hard to believe but in a recent story where a teen was pinned him underneath his truck, the woman who called 9-1-1 wasn’t even a human…it was Siri. Iphones come with a built-in voice named Siri. Users can ask her questions and she searches for answers using your phone database and the internet. How Siri knew to call 9-1-1 during a time of distress is still a mystery.

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