10 Unique Dining Experiences Around the World

When it comes to dining experiences, there are several quirky and unusual ideas that have been popping up all over the world. It seems that we aren’t solely interested in just enjoying a delicious meal anymore. We want an experience! This demand for unusual and sometimes unpalatable food experiences, are challenging restaurant owners to create unique experiences you can’t find anywhere else in the world. While many of these restaurant ideas some come and go, others find success and really garner a cult following. Here are 10 of the successful bizarre restaurants you’ll have to experience during your next trip:

Nocti Vagus, Berlin


The idea behind this restaurant is that as one sense is removed, others are heightened. How does this work? The restaurant is shrouded in complete darkness! This is said to increase the experience of the flavors and aromas. Sometimes when the dining atmosphere is great, the quality of the food is compromised. Fortunately, Nocti Vagus offers both a great and unique atmosphere and cuisine. If dining in complete darkness isn’t enough for you, the restaurant also offers murder mystery evenings.

Dinner In The Sky, Multiple Locations


Photo via FLIKR by Stowe Boyd

Dinner in the Sky takes enjoying a meal really high to a whole other level. Essentially, this place is a mini kitchen surrounded by a table and chairs, which is hoisted by crane high above the ground. This idea may have started in Belgium, but has been starting to appear in many major cities around the world.

Modern Toilet, Taiwan


This restaurant has over ten locations in Taiwan and has even expanded to Hong Kong. If you’ve ever wanted to eat out of a toilet bowl, well I may be a little concerned. But seriously, you can at this restaurant. The food comes in plates and bowls shaped like miniature tubs, sinks and toilets. To make it even worse (or better depending at how you look at it), gross-out factors, like curry are included in some of the more popular entrees. There are also poo-shaped, chocolate-flavoured buns, and you have the option of ordering your drinks in urinal shaped cups. Fancy.

Ithaa Undersea Restaurant, Maldives


You’ve enjoyed a meal on land, most likely in the sky, but what about under the sea? Ithaa Undersea Restaurant offers the chance to dine five meters beneath the ocean’s surface in a glass room while enjoying the marine life all around. Now you’d think that a combination of an underwater restaurant and Maldives would make for a very expensive experience, but the meals are both raved to be delicious and unsurprisingly expensive.

Dick’s Last Resort, Multiple Locations



Photo via FLIKR by Selbe Lynn

True to its name, this restaurant should be your last resort and the staff act like real… well, you know. Not for the easily offended, Dick’s is famous for their rude staff, inappropriate comments, and downright meanness. If getting insulted is your idea of a good time, head over to Dick’s for your birthday, stag(ette) party, or any other special occasion and pick up some hilarious souvenirs while you’re there.

The Heart Attack Grill, Las Vegas


Photo via FLIKR by Michael Bentley

This restaurant has built its reputation around creating food that is so unhealthy that there is a strong chance that it may kill those who eat here. Sounds appetizing, doesn’t it? A quick glance at the menu makes it clear that this place means business! Each meal listed for one can probably feed an entire baseball team! Now as a health freak, I can definitely understand how tempting a 10-pound burger, staked sky high with every topping you can think of would seem appealing which is why there’s no shortage of people happy to put their health at risk to eat here.

New Lucky Restaurant, India


There are many cultures that honour their dead by leaving offerings of food for them. New Lucky Restaurant has taken this tradition and made it part of the dining experience. The restaurant is located in an old cemetery where guests can enjoy their meals beside a gravestone.

Circus, London


Serving pan-Asian cuisine in London’s West End, this restaurant takes presentation very seriously. If you thought dining in front of the television was entertaining, this place will blow you away as acrobats, fire-eaters and contortionists are among the performers that make a meal here special.

Safe House, Milwaukee


This is the perfect restaurant for the budding James Bond or George Smiley in your life. Themed around the clandestine world of espionage, Safe House is barely noticeable from the outside and once you find it, you’ll need to give a password to get in. Once inside, there are plenty of different treats and puzzles to test your mind, along with some good memorabilia.

Calico Cat Cafe, Tokyo


Photo via FLIKR by Patty

Perhaps you’ve always wanted to own a pet, but your living situation may not allow for it. Instead of trying to fulfill this void by watching hours of cat videos, you can get your coffee and cat fix all at the same place. Cat cafes are popping up in cities all over the world. Here, you can not just enjoy a late but you can do it while spending quality time with a feline friend that call the café their home.

Which of these restaurants would you like to experience the most?

Which one could you do without?

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