15 Ways to Save Money to Travel the World

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Ever since I started travelling 13 years ago, I’ve been frequently asked the question, “How can you afford to travel so much?” It has and will continue to be one of the most asked questions and with good reason. “Travel is a privilege, “ people will say. While I do agree that getting to experience the world does make you feel like the luckiest person, it’s not only attainable to those with money. The idea that the rich are the ones that travel is far from the truth. This is especially the case during a time where travel has become more accessible than ever before.

Some of the greatest explorers were those with none to very little money. One thing they all had in common wasn’t loads of cash but a great sense of adventure and determination to explore and discover. If you’re reading this, I’m sure you can relate. It’s been scientifically proven that travellers have something ingrained in our DNA that fuels our wanderlust. What starts as a want, turns into a need to explore.

If you have an undying need to travel, then the first step is to ignore the idea that you need to be rich to do it. Begin by making travel a priority and do whatever is necessary to make that dream come true. I know we all have different life circumstances, which can seem like a deterring factor, but I hope this post inspires you to think otherwise.

If you want to travel the world, commit to the dream. You CAN do it!

Over the years, I’ve saved up money for my travels in different ways and now I want to share them with you. In the above video, I go into detail about the following ways I’ve saved for travel over the past 13 years and counting:

  1. Get Rid of the Stuff That Doesn’t Add Value
  2. Track Your Expenses
  3. Start a Money Jar
  4. Start a Dedicated Travel Fund
  5. Cut Things Out
  6. Get a Side Job
  7. Start a Venture
  8. Suggest Money and Gift Cards
  9. Apply for Scholarships
  10. Pay Less for the Same Thing
  11. Reduce/Eliminate Your Car Usage
  12. Move in with Your Parents/Roommate
  13. Get a Travel Rewards Credit Card
  14. Change Your Phone Plan
  15. Get Creative with Staying In

I hope these tips help you to save and plan for that perfect trip. Remember, it’s all about making travel a priority. Once you think of it that way, nothing will get in your way from fulfilling your travel dreams.

How do you save money for travel?

Share your tips below!


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  1. March 26, 2020 / 6:49 pm

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful experience. It gives me more motivation for the trip.
    Thank you very much! and see you ……

  2. March 24, 2020 / 9:12 am

    Interesting blog.It would be great if you can provide more details about it. Thanks you

  3. April 28, 2017 / 3:23 am

    Great tips…
    It’s definitely possible to save money for traveling once you set it as a goal and start to keep track on your expenses. It’s a matter of priorities and traveling is always my top priority…
    Backpacking Panda recently posted..Galapagos Islands: Welcome to Paradise!My Profile

  4. March 27, 2017 / 11:02 am

    Carefull planning. India itineraries ccan be made cheaper by selecting to spend the night in traain(book cheaper class to go further) and roam around in the day. Use buses, shuttles, shared app cabs to minimize transport cost.

  5. Rose Jacobson
    March 6, 2017 / 3:45 pm

    Great video, full of travel advise and inspiring