Canadian Kids Try Finnish Candy

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During my second trip to Finland, I decided that I would bring back several types of candy that the country is known for and feed it to my nieces and nephew. Now, what you may not know is that Finland loves their black liquorice. For me, I enjoy black liquorice. Not the salty kind that many Finns love, but the sweeter kind, specifically covered in chocolate. My nieces and nephew however, are not a fan of black liquorice, which I quickly discovered.

In this video, I sat each one of my nieces and nephew down and gave them different Finnish candy chosen for my by a local while in Helsinki. Their reaction is priceless to say the least.

The Finnish candy they tried:

  • Fazer Blåbär-Hallon Lakristsi
  • Fazer Crunchy Caramal Sea Salt Chocolate
  • Pommix Kovia Lakritsi Ja Salmiakkimakeisia
  • Läkerol cactus
  • Fazer Mis?A Mix
  • Pirkka Salmiakki

Have you tried any of these Finnish candies?

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