How to Get Cheap Flights

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One of the toughest parts of booking a trip is deciding when to book your flight in order to get the best deal. For those of you planning a RTW trip, deciding on whether to choose a RTW ticket or fly one ways as you go is the first decision you have to make. Flight prices can drastically change unexpectedly, and you can end up saving hundreds of dollars that can be used towards other aspects of your trip or another adventure in the future. But how do you know when and where to find that golden ticket? Well, in this video I show you exactly how to do just that.

By combining search results at Kayak and contacting an agent over at Flight Centre, I can guarantee you will be getting the best price for your flight to any destination.

Click play on the video above and save big on your next trip!

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NOTE: The Flight Centre global site has a map and links to all the websites for the countries you can get this deal from.


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