Greek Island Fun on Santorini and Kos

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The other day, I found my old hard drive that contains my photos and videos from my 10-month trip around the world.  I had my photos backed up on another hard drive, but I thought I had lost my videos forever.  I was excited to learn that this wasn’t the case!

So, now since I have all of these video from Greece, India, Singapore and Morocco you haven’t seen yet, I am spending the next couple of weeks putting them together for you all.  Let’s kick things off in Greece!

Have you been to Greece? What islands have you visited?

I spent a couple of weeks exploring the Greek islands of Santorini and Kos.  Both islands were very different than the other, but I would highly recommend visiting both if you plan on visiting Greece.  Santorini is stunning with it’s blue and white washed buildings, romantic feel and incredible sunsets.  Kos is laid back and a great place to people watch.  The food is also out of this world on both of the islands!  If you aren’t a seafood lover, you will be after visiting either of these islands.

I could go into detail about what makes Santorini and Kos special, but I will leave that for another post.  For now, check out this video I put together for you guys (and I also included some photos for you below).

Santorini Greece

Beautiful Santorini

Santorini Cat

Making friends with the locals

Fresh Santorini Fish

Fresh Santorini Fish

Rapunzel Santorini

Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your long hair!


There’s that…thing…over there!

Santorini Ruins

I found you!

Kos Greece

Taking a daily stroll in Kos

Kos Boat Cruise

Boat cruise to surrounding islands of Kos

Santorini Sunset

Santorini Sunset

Kos Greece

A view of Kos

Kos Greece

Time to get refreshed!

Biking Kos

Biking around Kos

Greece taxi

Taxi, anyone?

Kos nightlife

This is what midnight on Kos looks like

Kos Nightlife

and this…

Kos Nightlife

…and this…

Kod Nightlife

…and of course, this…

Kos Nightlife

…we don’t want to forget about this…

Kos Bar

Siya and my mom dancing at a local bar in Kos

Street dogs of Kos

I made friends with the street dogs of Kos


Enjoying the view in Santorini with my mom

Laundry when travelling

Laundry Day!

Camping Greece

Why not sleep in a tent on the beach?

Kos fishing boats

Cute fishing boats in Kos

Pirate ship Kos Greece

Our ship for the day!

Santorini Villa

The view from our villa in Santorini

Santorini villa

The view from our villa in Santorini


This is how I sleep on overnight boat rides


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