Israel: A Land for Every Traveller

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Cooking traditional Israeli food in Israel

If Israel were a book, the cover would be what’s seen on the news, most likely filed in the “war” section of the library. Once you travel to the country and read it’s pages, you would most likely file this book under history, food, art or religion. I visited this fascinating country in 2007 and returned back in 2014, this time focusing on the food and culture.

Israeli cities are juxtaposed with modern inhabitants and technology layered on ancient kingdoms. Israel attracts huge crowds of tourist all year round as it is a playground for history buffs and members of all religions. In one day, you can visit the peak of Mount Sinai (birthplace of the Ten Commandments) and Roman temples overlooking the lowest place on earth (the Dead Sea). Israel’s fascinating past is due to its geographical location, hugging the east coast of the Mediterranean. The gateway between Europe, Africa, and Asia.

I was fortunate enough to explore this historic land and document the experiences. Follow my Israel video series of ancient temples, modern cities, top tourist sites, hidden gems and delicious Israeli food. Learn about the ingenuity of Roman architecture, from their heated floors to plumbing systems. Stand in the room famously known for the setting of “The Last Supper” painting. Visit the first clock-tower installed which dawned the beginning of keeping time and understand why they needed it. If you’re less into history and you travel to satisfy tastebud cravings then wander the markets of Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. Bite into the organic local produce, let the savoury halva melt in your mouth, and whiff a rainbow of spices. At the end of your day you can dine in, sit back and indulge in the booming restaurant scene.  There’s something for every type of traveler here.

If Israel was in your library, what section would it be filed under?



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