Newfoundland Road Trip

Travelling across Newfoundland has made me even more proud to be Canadian. There is no better way to experience this eastern province then by car with good friends. Windows down. Music blasting. Wind in your hair. The best part? Beautiful landscapes and hidden gems to discover along the way.

At the beginning of this year, Siya and I made it a point to explore more of Canada. If you don’t know already, we were both born and raised in Toronto and up until two years ago, hadn’t seen much of Canada except a bit of Ontario and Quebec. Today, we have explored parts of British Columbia, Alberta and now, Newfoundland. Each province has its own unique charm and incredible beauty that will sweep you away.

Both myself, Siya and our good friend Sara Monika decided that it would be a lot of fun to take a road trip across Newfoundland together. Before we left, we knew that we could expect cute villages and wonderful people, but it turned out to be so much more. To say that Newfoundland blew us away would be an understatement. Its natural beauty is captivating and will make you immediately fall in love.

Western Brook Pond Fjords, Newfoundland

Western Brook Pond Fjords, Newfoundland

Sherwink Trail, Newfoundland_2

Newfoundland Road Trip_12

For nature lovers and those who would rather spend all of their time outdoors, Newfoundland will be your ultimate paradise. From the soothing sea to the peaceful trees, you will feel again what it’s like to be completely present and enjoy the simple things.

Newfoundland Road Trip_18

Newfoundland Road Trip_13

Bonavista Newfoundland

Newfoundland Road Trip_6

The people of Newfoundland are incredibly welcoming, friendly, enthusiastic, charming and hilarious. It’s so bizarre to me that even though I live a few provinces away, I could barely understand a conversation between two Newfoundlanders happening in the Tim Hortons lineup in front of me. The Newfoundland accent is like Canadian Irish. It’s difficult to understand, but is fascinating to listen to. I must also mention that every local has many interesting stories to share. So, grab a drink, take a seat and listen to one of them.

bonavista newfoundland Boat Tour_2

Trinity Twine Loft

When it comes to food, Newfoundland has some interesting and delicious dishes for you to try. If you love seafood, then you will enjoy some of the traditional dishes on the island. If you are visiting during berry season then you’re in for a real treat. You can literally pull over on the side of any road and find wild berries growing (of course, be cautious of the ones you put in your mouth). I could not consume enough blueberries while we were there. I even got to hang out with a local chef and bake the blueberries I picked into a delicious pie.

Newfoundland Road Trip_11

Newfoundland Road Trip_19

Our road trip to Newfoundland has been one of my favourite trips to date. If you click play on the video above, you will understand the passion I have for this beautiful place. I cannot wait to return to explore more of the province.

Have you been to Newfoundland?

If not, is it on your “must-visit” list?


Video by: Kristen & Siya

Photography by: Sara Monika


Our East Coast road trip is in partnership with Newfoundland tourism and Porter Airlines. As always, all content and opinions are my own.


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