Peru Up Close and Personal: A Documentary

One of the first posts I ever wrote for Hopscotch the Globe was about a Peruvian family that changed my outlook on life.  Since posting the story back in September 2010, I continue to receive emails from many of you telling me how much the story inspired you.  Well, I have a surprise for you all.  That written story is also a 24- minute documentary that not only features the story of the Peruvian family, but the rest of my adventure in the country.  After one month of filming and one year of editing, Siya and I took our finished product around to various universities, colleges and high schools in Ontario to share our story and passion for quality travel with students and faculty.  Now it’s your turn to enjoy this video.  The documentary was the first travel video Siya and I had ever made, but we love it and hope you will too.  Without further delay, here is our documentary titled, “Peru – Up Close and Personal.”

In 2008, Siya and I (college students at the time), traveled across the country of Peru to film our first documentary in partnership with Niagara College’s International Department. Peru is a country full of history, culture, nature and adventure. Both Siya and I couldn’t have anticipated the impact Peru and its people would have on our lives. This developing nation showed us that happiness is measured in moments and relationships and not money and possessions. Join Siya and I from the Andes to the Amazon, and you will see why this South American country certainly classifies as a traveler’s paradise.

Peru Up Close and Personal Part 1

Peru Up Close and Personal Part 2

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