Pooping on an Indian Bus

If you’ve been subscribed to my blog and/or YouTube channel for a while, then you may have watched a video of mine titled “Peeing on a Public Bus in India.” It has nearly 300,000 views to date and has received some of the most interesting comments I’ve ever gotten. Some of which have made me squirt coffee out of my nose first thing in the morning. So, thanks to those of you who have left me amusing comments.

In this video, I share another story from my travels in India. This time, it’s a lot more shitty. No, but seriously…this story is the shit!

Up until this moment explained in this video, I had not gotten sick during my 3 months travelling solo in India. While many other travellers I had encountered suffered from at least one case of Delhi Belly (when you can’t leave your hotel room for days because you are glued to the toilet), I hadn’t experienced this delightful adventure. That is until I had to take a 9-hour bus ride from Pushkar to Delhi in order to catch a flight to Thailand.

Now without telling you much more about this story, except that it involves being in a public bus with a shit ton of plastic bags, a toilet paper roll and a good throwing arm, I’ll let you click play and enjoy…or at least try to.



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