Fan-Tastic Vent


If you’ve been watching a bunch of van, RV and Airstream builds, then you’ve probably seen most (if not all) instal these amazing fans. They keep our Airstream cool on a hot day using very little energy. They also create a nice air-flow throughout the entire Airstream.

More info:

  • MODEL 1200 – This lightweight, compact, and durable vent fan seals tight when not in use. Powerful 12 in, 10-blade fan quickly moves air in and out of cabin.
  • THREE-SPEED FAN – The core of this truly fantastic ventilation solution is a high performance rotary fan that features three blade speeds; low, medium, and high.
  • NO NOISE – Warm and stale air out, fresh and clean air in. Dometic FanTastic Vent does it in a matter of minutes. It’s pleasantly quiet and energy saving, too.
  • EASY TO USE – The manual lift dome ensures the FanTastic Vent is easy to use.
  • PERFECT FIT – Fits standard 14 inch x 14 inch openings. White, high profile base and smoke dome.