Why I Enjoy All-Inclusive Holidays at Riviera Maya Resorts

Te Amo Mexico!!

Why I Enjoy All-Inclusive Holidays At Riviera Maya Resorts

I have two sides to me, there’s the flip-flop dirty backpacker who hikes volcanoes and there’s the boho-chic fashionista that dreams of red carpets and cocktails. Sometimes the second version of me wants to travel too, and she wants all-inclusive. While I don’t take an all-inclusive holiday very often, I do appreciate them when they happen, like taking a social media detox at Riviera Maya Resorts. It’s not the most culturally immersive experience, it’s a vacation. A great way to de-stress and re-energize; something we all could use every so often to maintain our sanity and good health. Whenever I’m looking into all-inclusive getaways, my first choice is Mexico, nothing beats the hospitality of the people, latin cuisine and vibrant ocean waters.

Here are 4 other reasons why I love All-Inclusive at Riviera Maya Resorts:

Riviera Maya Resorts

1. Everything is Taken Care of

I spend enough of my days thinking about all of the stuff I have to do. My to-do list is never ending. Oh those sweet adolescent days where I only thought about having fun. An all-inclusive holiday means I don’t have to worry about where I will sleep each night and what I’ll eat and if I’m staying within my budget. It’s nice to know that my trip had already been paid for ahead of time and I’m not adding up receipts at the end. When you’re hungry, you eat, when you’re thirsty, you drink, tired? You guessed it, nap time!

2. Chillin Like a Villain

I tend to move around a lot during my trips and it’s exhausting. My mind and body need to distress, shut down and get my tan on. When I stay at an all-inclusive resort, I don't feel bad for spending a lazy day on the beach. I love writing and making videos, but I do appreciate chillin like a lazy bear who just ate too many berries. You might not realize how much you needed a break until you’re there. It allows me time to rejuvenate my body and mind, something we all need in our crazy (but awesome) lives.

Riviera Maya Resorts

3. All You Can Eat & Drink

An all-inclusive holiday means unlimited food and drink. Also, Mexican cuisine is nearly gluten-free, good for me! At hotels in Riviera Maya, this also means unlimited guacamole. Enough said.

Riviera Maya Resorts

4. Feel Like Royalty

Not having to worry about food or money (since it's all pre-paid) is a luxurious feeling that I don’t get to experience that often. On top of that, I’ve always been treated with over-the-top kindness. It’s literally a business to carry your bags, cook your meals, clean up after you and ensure your stay hassle free.

Riviera Maya Resorts

Do you enjoy all-inclusive resorts?

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Barcelo Resorts. All opinions are 100% mine.

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