The 40 Day ParaGONE Cleanse: Week 1, 2 & 3

I have completed the first half of the 40-Day ParaGONE Cleanse, and I will admit that it has been a lot easier than expected.

As a sugar addict and caffeine freak, I thought that giving up coffee and sugar would be extremely difficult.  However, it has been pretty easy…for the most part.

The first few days were horrible.  I went to bed thinking about coffee, dreamt about coffee and my first word in the morning was, you guessed it…COFFEE!  Coffee used to be the first thing that I would think of in the morning.  I used to say to myself, “I need a coffee to start my day.”  This cleanse has made me realize that this statement is far from the truth.  Why would I NEED a coffee to start my day?  That is just ridiculous and simply screams the world ADDICTION.  I was addicted to coffee.  I can now say that I am no longer dependent on the evil caffeine.

My mom and I drinking coffee in Rome, Italy – No matter where I travel, I always “needed” my morning coffee.

I will admit that during my five day break from the supplement part of the cleanse, I did have a couple cups of coffee, and it made me feel horrible!  I felt shaky and had a headache. I hated the taste and dryness feeling it left in my mouth.  It’s strange how I’ve gone from feeling dependent on the comfort feeling that coffee used to give me to not wanting to even drink it anymore.  I really do love the taste and smell of coffee, but I have decided that from now on when I do have the occasional cup, I will choose to drink decaf.

I thought that giving up sugar would be nearly impossible, but I have done very well.  There have been days during “that time of month” where I would have killed for a mountain of chocolate or a bowl of ice cream, but for most of the days, I haven’t missed sugar at all.  I have however, missed eating all the fruit I usually eat.   I can’t wait to dig my face into a big juicy mango when this cleanse is over.

The entire point of this cleanse is to get rid of any parasites that MAY be living inside my body.  Since I have done so much traveling in my lifetime, I thought it would be appropriate to do this type of cleanse.  So, while part of the cleanse consists of eating certain foods and illuminating others, the other part is about taking supplements and making friends with the toilet.  Gross, I know.  I must inform you that I have yet to discover any “bodily waste abnormalities” but I do feel a lot cleaner and healthier.

Now it’s on to the second part of the cleanse.  Wish me luck!

Have any of you done a ParaGONE cleanse or something similar?  

Leave a comment below and let me hear how it went for you.  Also, if any of you are doing your own 30 Day Challenge, leave a comment and tell us about it.  I`d love to hear from you.


  • Kristen,

    I was not aware of that we are not able to have coffee, so thanks! Also, I wasn’t even aware I was not supposed to eat free. I’m glad to see blueberries and strawberries are good, but I’ve got lots of fruit I need to eat because I just brought a juicer. I am trying to juice 3 days per week and so far am sticking to that.

    I am on day two of the paragone, but not going to the bathroom very often. I actually have had trouble going to the bathroom, so I hope this helps. Thank you so much for what you posted.

    One quick thing, I’m glad you realized you were addicted to coffee. It’s not nice to be addicted to anything because it controls our minds!

    John 8:36 says, “If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed.”

  • Hi Kristen. Would you mind doing me a favor? I had been up all night when I posted my comment, and when it said ‘name required’ I actually filled in my full name not thinking about it. My name happens to be fairly unique and it comes up in a google search. I would prefer if something so personal wasn’t google-able :). I realize that I definitely put all of that info there and appreciated your blog posts and response, but would you mind deleting my comment (or if possible on your end, just the username and reference to my name in your response). Again- sorry! Thank you :).

    • Hey! I can delete it no problem. Sorry this took a while. Your comment got lost in my spam folder for some reason. Thanks!

  • I just started  and I’m on day 3, kinda confused though. When it says 7 drops of the Paragone 2 is that just 7 little drops? It just doesn’t seam like thats enough.

    • Yes it 7 small drops.  Don’t do anymore or you will be finding yourself spending entire days on the toilet!!! Good luck.  Let us know how it went and if you discovered anything interesting:)

  • Kristen- I started the ParaGONE cleanse on Monday and found your posts through a google search. Quick question- did your instructions list strawberries, blueberries, and melon? My insert only listed granny smith apples and cranberries. Hope your cleanse is still going well!

    • Hey! Welcome to Hopscotch the Globe.  The ParaGONE cleanse was pretty good.  It made me feel sick for the first couple of days and kind of gross for the first week since all of the bad stuff was coming out of me.  I’m a pretty healthy eater, so it was weird to experience that, but after the first week, i felt clean and healthy.  I went to the Renew Life website and got the information about being able to eat strawberries, blueberries and melon.  Those are all really great for cleanses, and it sure helped for the 40 days to be able to eat those.  Good luck! I will be posting the result of the last weeks of my cleanse today.


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