The 40 Day ParaGONE Cleanse: The End

At the beginning of last month, I began a cleanse that would ultimately get rid of any parasites that may be making my body their home.  I thought that it would be a good idea to do this kind of cleanse since I spent the majority of last year traveling the world.  As a traveler, weird things do happen to your body, and it’s good to give it a little clean-up once in a while.  If you don’t know what the ParaGone Cleanse is, make sure to check out the first and second part of this challenge.

The second part of the ParaGone Cleanse was easy up until the second week.  Since I knew that the cleanse was coming to an end, my mind couldn’t stop thinking about coffee and chocolate.  I think this is normal.  They say it takes 30 days to cultivate a new habit, so it’s only natural that day 23 to 30 would be the toughest, right?  It’s like a make it or break it kind of thing.

Having said that, I did persevere and made it to day 40. I was slightly disappointed with the results, since it would have bee much more interesting to see “a little something” come out.  But at the same time, I probably would have had a heart attack if that happened.  On the 40th day of the cleanse, I did feel cleaner, healthier and lighter.  My craving for coffee was no more, but I couldn’t wait to dig my face into a bowl of chocolate ice cream.  Although I didn’t see any parasites, I have read many reviews on this product that say that it definitely does works.  I would be interested in hearing from any of you have done the ParaGone Cleanse and have had parasites flush out.

So glad that this isn’t the inside of my stomach.

All in all, I really enjoyed the Renew Life product, and I would definitely do this cleanse again.  I must add that the day after the cleanse, I ordered a coffee with caffeine by accident and was shaking like crazy.  It’s amazing the affect that caffeine has on your body once you haven’t had it for a long period of time.  I can also say that I still try and drink de-café and don’t buy my own coffee anymore.  I’ve gotten so used to not relying on a coffee to wake me up in the morning, and it really does feel so much better to live this way.  As for chocolate ice cream, I would never turn my back on that.


  • I did a Paragone cleanse last year and read somewhere that you also need to do enemas to make sure all the dead stuff is leaving the body. Someone else recommended adding Cleansemore (natural laxative) as well, to clean out the colon daily.

    I found that the enemas really helped things along,, (warm water and tablespoon of apple cider vinegar) and the Cleansemore seemed to flush things out each day and also seemed to help with the side effects, headaches, etc. as it meant that dead material was not hanging about. As worms, etc. die off they release toxins, which give headaches, stomach pain, etc. so it is good to get them out of the system asap.

    Just about to do my start=of-the-year cleanse. Began enemas a few days before, to get system ready.

    Here’s to a vibrant, healthy 2016!

  • I am midway through this cleanse and definitely started seeing “things” on about day 4 onwards to the end of day 15. I am about to start the second half.

    I spent a year and a half in India many years ago and was shocked at the results of a different type of parasite cleanse I did 10 years ago. Although I was a-symptomatic this time, I just thought it was time …and was surprised and a little horrified to see the extent of what came out. I hope by the end of the second 2 week cleanse, I will be clear. After that, I plan to continue for 3 months, using Diatomacous Earth and clove oil – to kill remaining critters and eggs. Apparently, to be sure of getting everything, you have to cleanse for 3 months.


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