Top 5 Things to Do in Turkey

Linking Europe and the Middle East; Turkey retains a balance of both east and west, creating an eclectic cultural experience. Modern city boutiques, exotic bazaars and Roman ruins all remind us that there is surely no shortage of things to do. In this article for Flight Centre Canada, I share my top 5 tips of what to see and do in the beautiful country of Turkey:

Visit the Fairy Chimneys

cappadocia cave houses

Feel like a kid again in your very own fairytale!  A trip to Turkey is not complete without witnessing the Hoodoo Rocks (also known as Fairy Chimneys) near Göreme, in Cappadocia.  It’s one thing to see pictures of these rock formations, but a completely unique experience to see them in person.  The hoodoos have been formed as the result of the erosion of a type of limestone called tufa, which has been sculpted by wind, and flood water running down the slopes of the valleys.  The beautiful natural formations can grow to be anywhere from 5ft to 150ft tall. Some even resemble mushrooms and are made up of tufa as the base and a more resistant rock called lahar or ignimbrite.

Ride in a Hot Air Balloon

hot air balloon ride in cappadocia turkey

Experience Cappadocia from a bird’s eye view in a hot air balloon!  Soar 1000 meters above sea level as the sun rises over the peaks of the fairy chimneys below.  Hear nothing but the sounds of the wind and the birds chirping as they glide past you along with the other many hot air balloons that paint the sky.

Each balloon can hold up to 20 people, so bring a friend or two to enjoy this magical experience with you.  Your hour in the air will feel surreal, so be sure to take it in as much as possible.

hot air balloon ride in cappadocia turkey

Once your land safety and softly back on the ground, you will be handed a glad of champagne and flying certificate to celebrate your first hot air balloon experience.

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