The Traveling Pants

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One of my hobbies is to paint on jeans. It’s relaxing and is a great way to express my creativity to the world and look cool at the same time;) When choosing what to paint on my jeans, I think of themes that define who I am. The first pair that I painted are covered in Disney characters because I always enjoy a good Disney movie. They also represent my inner child and vast imagination.

The second pair of jeans represent my love for life. They are covered in colourful images that represent peace, tranquility and nature.

The third pair express my love for travel. Now if you are wondering why I am dedicating an entire section to my travel jeans, it’s because these pants are going to be a big part of my year-long adventure. I will be taking my travel jeans with me and getting people I meet along the way to paint, write or add significant objects to to them. It will be like a travel memorabilia but on jeans. I will be taking pictures of the additions people make and adding them to this page to share with you all.

Presenting Jean Tattoos – Creations by Kristen Jacobson

Travel Jeans

Life Jeans

Disney Jeans

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