Travelling with Strangers on the Loneliest Road in America

Hwy 50

Travelling can be lonely, especially on the Loneliest Road in America. Hwy 50 in Nevada was give the prestigious solitary title of the “Loneliest Road” by Life Magazine in 1986. This year marks it’s 30th anniversary. Being the most deserted stretch of asphalt in the entire country, I went on a road trip with a group of strangers to see what this place is all about. Even if you start your journey alone, the world is full of colourful characters that will turn a solitary experience into a fun-filled adventure.

Pick Wisely

Hwy 50, Nevada

Each group you travel with encounters new possibilities for highlights and failures. Ensure you and your TB (Travel Buddies) are interested in the same activities or you’ll find yourself in a tug-a-war over the itinerary. It’s risky business going on a 9-day tour when nobody knows each other, but that’s the difference between travelling and a vacation. Vacations are easy, relaxing and predictable; travel is bumpy, shocking and at times frustrating…overcoming those speed bumps leads to cherished memories.

Our Journey

Girl in Desert

In Nevada, I joined a group of 7 media influencers: Tweeters, Instagrammers, Snap Chatters, YouTubers, Bloggers, Bemers, Writers and Photographers, racking up more shutter clicks than odometer ticks along the 1000-Mile journey. We explored Reno, Austin, Ely, Elko, Great Basin, Sand Mountain and The Pony Express, among other neat hidden gems. Road trips are about the journey of the open road and the company you share it with. The desolate miles of dust and shrubs created the moving backdrop in our windows as we exchanged compelling stories previous adventures with an endless supply of awe and laughter.

Make an Impact

Driving in Desert

These “strangers” will shape you in ways you never predicted. You can plan to drive across the majestic emptiness of Nevada’s Hwy50, you can’t anticipate the person sitting next to you who utters one inspirational line that will stick with you forever. As each global adventure comes to an end and your Travel Buddies go separate ways, a piece of you knows the select few you will see again. You’ll meet somewhere unexpected, for the adventure never stops, the views keep changing and you are designed to be on the move… like tumbleweeds in the desert wind.

Be sure to check out my Travel Nevada Part 1 and 2 video series below to experience what it’s like to drive the Loneliest Road in America.

Have you ever travelled with strangers?


A special thanks to Travel Nevada for inviting me on this trip. As always, all content and opinions are my own.


  • I did a horseback cattledrive in remote South Australia with a whole bunch of strangers back in 2007. Hubby doesn’t ride and it was something I really wanted to do, so I booked solo and made friends along the way. I shared a motel room and tent with another solo traveller and we got along fine for the trip but didn’t stay in touch. The two of us also made friends with three couples and two of those I’ve continued to stay in contact with. It was an awesome experience and I’m really glad I did it.


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