Whale Watching on Maui, Hawaii

If you want to see hump back whales up-close and personal, Maui is the perfect place to do it!  Each year from December to May, about 1,500 to 3,000 humpbacks appear in the waters off the Hawaii.  During my travels in Hawaii last month, I got to experience watching these majestic creatures swimming and breaching only a few feet from the boat I was on. One whale even waved at me! Can’t believe it? See for yourself in this week’s video! 

At $35 per person, I found  Trilogy Excursions at Kaanapali Beach to be a great deal for the experience.

To find out more about Trilogy Excursions, visit their website for details.

Have you ever been whale watching?

Share your experience with us!


 My trip to Maui was sponsored by:

The Hawaiian Islands


      • Now, actually I have not…not for years. My dad sold the place a number of years ago. I’ve been to four of the islands. Here is how I define them (broad stroke generalization)…Maui is for partying, Kauai is for romance and solitude, Oahu for history and surfing, Hawaii (Big Island) is for adventure, sport enthusiasts/athletes.

        • And Lanai is for hunting and seeing the dryer side of Hawaii! You defined it pretty well, although I did indeed find Maui very peaceful and refreshing. I guess it depends where you go. You need to go back!


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