Why You Need to Visit Alberta This Winter

Alberta Will Swoon You

 ? Why You Need to Visit Alberta This Winter ?



Are you someone who tries to avoid the winter months at all cost? Well, I think I can convince you to travel to Alberta this winter...

Growing up in Ontario, I used to be one of those people that could smell cold weather in the air even before it came. I'd frantically hurry to find the best travel deals that would whisk me away to a warmer climate just so I could avoid feeling the slightest chill in my bones. I never appreciated winters in Canada until I travelled to the west coast. If you are someone who needs a reason to visit Alberta this winter, this post is meant for you.

My first trip to Alberta was to the adorable town of Jasper four winters ago. This trip was the first time I saw the Canadian Rocky Mountains. It was love at first sight. I spent hours just sitting and staring at them. I didn't care how cold I was because...mountains! I’ve been back to Alberta every winter since and fallen more in love with the province for new reasons each time.

Alberta this winter

Here's why I think you need to travel to Alberta this winter...

Why You Need to Visit Alberta This Winter
Alberta this winter
Why You Need to Travel to Alberta This Winter

Beautiful Landscapes

Banff, Canmore and Jasper are three of the most beautiful places on the planet. Nearly everywhere you look, inspiring scenery surrounds you. From the turquoise coloured lakes to the massive evergreen trees to the majestic mountains; the natural beauty here is mind blowing. During the winter months, Alberta transforms into a winter wonderland. If you’ve been following me on Instagram Stories for a while, then you may remember my first visit to Banff when I spent an hour crying while staring at mountains. I was so full of awe from these massive landforms that my tear ducts could not take it. Little teardrop icicles stuck to my face as I laughed and smiled so much that my jaw actually hurt. I still remember how full of gratitude I felt in that moment. It was one of the best connections I’ve had with nature.

Alberta this winter

Delicious Coffee

I am a coffee snob. If there’s one thing I can’t stand, it’s bad coffee and Alberta has none of that. Seriously, this Canadian province has some of the best coffee in the world. Rosso, Monogram and Remedy are among my favourite cafés that you MUST order a coffee at when you’re in Alberta this winter. There’s nothing quite like a hot cup of java on a cold day.

Along with serving some of the best coffee I've ever had, Remedy in Edmonton also makes the best Masala Chai I've ever had (even better than in India *gasp*).


Alberta this winter


Shopping is a lovely winter activity to partake in to break up your time spent in the cold. Since I live in a 200 square foot Airstream, I am extra cautious of my purchases because I need to be living in such little space. The boutique shops in Alberta are my biggest threat, but one I don’t mind dealing with. I’d actually save myself from purchases back home in Toronto (which too has excellent shopping) just so I can shop a little bit in Alberta. Some of my favourite clothing items and accessories were bought during a trip to the province.


Alberta this winter
Alberta this winter



Cozy Fireplaces

Albertans love sitting around a cozy fire and so do I. Some of my favourite memories of winters in Alberta are sitting around a wood-burning campfire after a day on the slopes, sipping hot chocolate and indulging in S’mores. Us Canadians love our S’mores, which is a combination of a roasted marshmallow with a piece of chocolate smoothed between two graham crackers. It’s basically heaven on earth.


Moose, elk, coyotes, wolves, fox, rams, snowy owls and deer are just a sample of Alberta’s wild life. Alberta has five national parks and more than 250 provincial parks that protect almost 600 species. During the low season in the winter months can be the best time to spot these wildlife. White fluffy snow, make it easier to spot these animals (with the exception of a snowy owl) or find tracks. Over the past four winters, I’ve seen moose, elk, wolves, deer and heard coyotes without even trying. It’s pretty common to see elk walking down the streets in places like Jasper and Banff.

Alberta this winter


I’ve recently become a snowboarding pro … well, not really, but I got pretty good during my last trip to Banff. Banff National Park is a dream destination for a snowboarder. Each year, hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world travel to Banff just to experience the slopes. I never had an appreciation for winter sports until snowboarding in Alberta. Now, I’m hooked!

There are reasons to run away from winter but even more reasons to embrace it. Spending winter in Alberta is an experience even sun chasers can appreciate and come to love and crave. Trust me, I'm one of them.

snowboarding in banff

Why do you love winters in Alberta?

A special thanks to Travel Alberta for sponsoring this incredible trip. My love for Canada grows each time I return back to Alberta.

Photo Credit for Wildlife photo to Stevin Tuchiwsky and Fireplace photo to Scott Bakken


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