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Calling all tourism boards and brands! We will help market your destination or product in a fresh, authentic and honest way.

Our company, Hopscotch the Globe, has worked with brands & destinations around the globe to help them gain exposure and clientele online. We have spent the last 12+ years building an audience of travel enthusiasts. Our audience trusts our recommendations and often duplicates our travel experiences. We only work with brands and destinations we believe in and our audience knows it.

Now you can leverage the credibility and influence of one of the top online visual storytelling teams in travel and alternative living.


  • Monthly Views 60,300
  • Monthly Unique Views 53,231

Our Stats

52 million+ Video Views and 323,000+ Subscribers
500,000+ Monthly Viewers
56,000+ on @hopscotchtheglobe and 17,000+ on @siyazarrabi
17,000 + Fans
13,000+ Followers

Demographic Breakdown

Readership is mostly female between 25-34 years old.

Viewership is 50% male, 50% female between 25-34 years old.


United States 40%

Canada 31%

United Kingdom 8%

Australia 4%

India 3%


United States 40%

Canada 27%

United Kingdom 7%

Australia 4%

Germany 3%

Why work with us

Why Should You Work With Us?

Hopscotch The Globe is one of the world’s largest multi-platform travel and alternative living brands for couples and families. We don’t just create video content, blog posts, and photography for you, but we market it to the right audience. We’re a production crew and travel marketing company wrapped up in one neat package. Tell us your goals and we’ll help bring them to life. Enough shoulder dusting… most importantly, we’re easy to work with and simply down-to-earth people. We like pizza, bonfires and dancing wildly. We’re real people sharing authentic moments and opinions. It just so happens that we know how to work a camera and are grateful to have an audience who pays attention.

Key Destinations and Brand Partners

What we offer


We have 14 years of travel videography in over 60 countries and 6 continents. Our captivating cinematography combined with our infectious personalities is how we’ve grown to have one of the top travel YouTube channels.

Digital storytelling

We have a proven track record of telling authentic and engaging stories of our travels and experiences through our blog, YouTube channel and real time Social Media.


With over 400k followers across all major social media channels, we have the numbers and more importantly, the engagement. With a well-rounded social media following you can be sure you’ll reach your target audience.

Speaking engagements and workshops

We’ve spoken around the world on running a successful YouTube channel, business of travel and empowering people to live their dreams. From Keynote Addresses in front of thousands of people to intimate educational sessions our presentations aim to educate, entertain and inspire.


We love capturing real moments during our travels that tell stories and inspire others. We create professionally edited, high resolution photos that can be used for social media and can also be licensed for advertising or print.

Brand Ambassadorships

It’s important to us to create long-lasting relationships with our clients. By working with companies that mirror our core values we develop targeted, engaging campaigns that reach the right market for your brand.

Selected Campaigns

We have over 100 brand and destination campaigns to our credit and aim to showcase your campaign as an experience.

Selected Campaigns

We have over 100 brand and destination campaigns to our credit and aim to showcase your campaign as an experience.
Sun Outdoors
  • Traveling with our vintage Airstream to 14 different Sun Outdoors RV parks across Canada and the United States.
  • Produced a 12-part video series for the Sun Outdoors YouTube channel.
  • Created and shared content on Hopscotch the Globe’s Instagram, Facebook and Twitter
  • Created hype around the 7-day content to celebrate the re-branding of Sun Outdoors.
Toyota Canada
  • Video series for both Hopscotch The Globe and Global News YouTube channels
  • Photography for Hopscotch The Globe platforms
  • Social Media on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for Hopscotch The Globe, Toyota and Global News platforms
  • National Television Commercials
  • National Radio Commercials
  • Interviews on Global News Morning Shows Across Canada
Sony Alpha Ambassadors
  • Sony Ambassadors since 2013
  • Creating regular video and photo content around the latest Sony products
  • Reoccurring judges for the Sony Vlog Challenge
  • Attending annual Camera Camps and other Sony Events and Press Trips
Pakistan Tourism & CPIC Global
  • 7-part video series on Hopscotch the Globe’s YouTube channel
  • Footage licensed to CPIC Global’s YouTube channel
New Orleans Tourism
  • 1x YouTube video
  • Daily Instagram stories throughout the 5-day visit
  • 2x Instagram Reels on @hopscotchtheglobe
  • Keynote speakers in front of 2000+ people
  • Intimate Workshop with 15 people
  • Social Media on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for Hopscotch the Globe

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