The Truth About Solo Travel

Solo travel can seem like such a scary concept. To travel alone to a foreign land and be completely out of your comfort zone can feel intimidating, but will also one of the best things you’ll ever do for yourself. I’ve been on several solo trips over the past 12 years and each experience taught me something new about the world and myself.

I can’t recommend solo travel enough!

Myself, Nadine Sykora of Hey Nadine and Raya Encheva of Raya Was Here sat down and shared our experiences with solo travel. If you’re thinking about going on your first solo trip and have concerns and questions, this video is for you!

There are different ways to travel solo. You can book a flight and wing it, meaning you book your travel plans and just go. There’s also the options of joining a pre-planned group tour, working or studying abroad. Whichever way you decide to do it, these options all have one thing in common – you’re making that delicious to get up and go on your own!

My first experience travelling solo was when I spent a semester studying abroad in high school. I was 18-years old and spent four months living with a host family in Paraguay, learning Spanish and teaching English. While I flew to Paraguay with 13 of my friends, we were all placed in different cities throughout the country far away from each other. I remember how both scared and excited I felt. I was alone in a foreign land where I didn’t speak the language, living with a family I didn’t know and no friends near by. However, it didn’t take long for me to adapt to my new home and completely immerse myself into the experience. I made so many new friends, learned a new language, gained a family, developed new skills and developed a deep love for travel.

This experience was the start of a life filled with adventure that I continue to live each and every day.

Five years after my experience in Paraguay, I found myself booking a one-way ticket to India (with a one week stop over in London). I had no plans and all the freedom to do as I wished. I spent three months travelling from the south to the north of India on one of the most epic adventures of my life. I grew so much as a person and a traveller during those months.

This experience really shaped the person I am today!

Whether it’s for a weekend, week, month or year, solo travel is something I highly recommend everyone experience at least once time in their life.

What are some fears you have about solo travel?

Share your thoughts below.


    • That’s completely normal. It’s always scary to do something you’ve never done, especially in a far away place. But it’s the most liberating thing you can ever do. I would bet you that if you did it once, you’d be hooked 🙂

  • Really liked this post! To me, the best thing about solo travel is the fact that you meet people while you’re out there and you’ll make friends for life. My first travel experience was to Japan. I went there for almost a year and I didn’t know anyone. By the time I returned home, I had met my girlfriend, along with many other friends who I’ll have forever. That and a year of awesome memories that I’ll never forget. Love the message that this post sends!

    I’m also going to be keeping up with your YouTube channel. Keep it up!

  • This is an amazing post! I think for me personally everything about traveling solo would be terrifying but see inspiring all the same. I’ve never had the opportunity to, but would definitely relish in the experience if I get the chance.

  • I love solo travel.. it’s actually travel with friends and family that I find more challenging 🙂 When I’m on my own, there’s a complete freedom to explore and go where I want without having to compromise. And your trip to India must have been epic! I’d love to visit there someday.

  • Am glad you liked India. Being an Indian myself I can assure you that traveling solo here is difficult. But then India+solo is a potent combination for then you can be truly without a plan & with all the freedom.

  • No fears now, but I wasn’t so sure of myself the first time I travelled alone 25 years ago! It’s the best though. At times, I even think it’s safer to be solo, because I trust my instinct and can get out of a situation if it feels unsafe. A travelling companion could try to pressure me into ignoring my instincts. (“It will be OK”, he might say, or “you’re being irrational”, etc.)

  • My fear about solo travel is running into trouble or danger and not knowing what to do or how to help myself out of the danger or trouble. I am from Singapore and so far I have only been on a solo trip once to South Korea. I am also currently studying a Bachelor’s Degree on Jeju Island, which means I’m living here alone away from family and friends. There are definitely many more places I’d love to visit in Europe and Asia and even Africa, but the greatest thing that prevents me from just booking a ticket and going ahead without a plan is the fear of trouble and danger. I do not have so much of that kind of worry in Korea because I feel that Korea is relatively safe, and also because Korean culture is kind of similar to my own Chinese culture, which makes it easy to get around with the locals.
    I wonder what it was like for you when you went to India for the first time? I want to visit places like India too. Although when we travel, we want to see different things and experience different cultures, I find myself worrying about what to do if I find myself in a place that is less than developed and lacks modern amenities. The mind kind of gets stuck in a comfort zone.


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