Dating a Traveller

_SMP3875There will come a time in every relationship where your partner gets the travel itch. If you aren’t a traveller yourself this can seem daunting. Dating a traveller is no easy task, they’re constantly restless, very creative and one day will come up to you and say “Hey, I’m going to Madagascar…next week.” Don’t be alarmed, this is normal wanderlust behaviour and there is nothing you can do about it. As a supportive partner, you will be accepting of their voyage. After all, they may inspire you to go on your own adventure one day.

It’s in our DNA_SMP5315

The need to travel is almost human instinct; it’s a powerful draw to explore a foreign land. Travel is high on our lists, right next to #3) Buy a House #2) Start a Family #1) Ride a Camel in the Sahara – the order depends on you. Humans have always been explorers, migrating long distances to discover new places. Sailors would head into the blank spaces on maps just to fill them in. These days it’s easy, we can fly over the ocean without fighting pirates, unless that’s the type of trip you like. There are dozens of reasons why travel is scary, sure, but I guarantee you there’s a million reasons why it’s marvelous. Our sense of adventure is still a part of who we are, exploring the unknown and adding to our map.

Staying in Contactinstagram

Long gone are the days of international calling cards, thank you Internet! It’s easy these days to communicate with smartphones and wifi at our fingertips. If your other half is a passionate Instagrammer, you will get daily updates about their adventure. However, some travellers choose to disconnect from technology to connect with the world. Give them the freedom they desire, resist communication and save the stories for later. To travel is to be free and evolve; sometimes a person needs to detach in order to develop.

Have Your Own Adventures at Homeguitar, sunset

Time apart is essential for personal growth, you’re both doing your relationship a favour! As your partner is fulfilling their wish to scuba dive in a shipwreck, you should take this opportunity to do something you have always wanted to do as well. Go on your own little adventures, even if it’s around your own city. Hang out with an old friend, go to a concert, watch sunsets and make memories. Your partner will have a ton of stories to share when they get home, ensure you have some too.

They Won’t Come Back the Samegirl traveller

Finally, they’re home! Now everything can go back to normal, right? Wrong! Their bag looks like it was dragged behind a rickshaw, smells of dirty socks and incense, but they couldn’t be happier. They’re glowing with joy, wrists covered in bracelets, sandals hanging by a thread and they’re wearing a hand-made necklace from a friend they met along the way. They’ve changed and it’s alright. With each new experience there is personal growth. Typically, these changes happen gradually over time. Those who travel, the rate of change is exponentially faster. They may come home with new interests and a new outlook on life. Be patient, they may not easily adjust back into their old lifestyle. For some people, upon returning home they can experience post-travel depression. This is normal and temporary but can last longer than the actual trip. Regardless, people never regret the adventures they had, only the ones they missed. Your partner will forever remember their experience abroad and know that you supported their journey.

Oh, and it won’t be long until the itch returns and another adventure begins!

Where have you solo travelled while in a relationship?


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