7 Best Countries for Solo Travel

7 Best Countries to Travel Solo

Travelling solo is a much-needed experience I believe everyone should have. Not to say that travelling with a significant other, family or friends isn’t great, but there’s something profound about travelling alone that can be just the thing you need right now. The majority of travellers I’ve met during the past 11 years of hopscotching the globe have been solo females between the ages of 20-30 (don’t worry gentlemen, there were plenty of solo male travellers too). It’s safe to say that there are many people out there travelling solo right now!

If you’ve never travelled solo before, it can seem like a daunting idea. You are after all, venturing off to a foreign land where you may not know anyone or even speak the language. But, I’m telling you now: the hardest part in this entire journey is figuring out where to go and booking that plane ticket. Everything else will fall into place, and you’ll wonder why you never travelled solo before.

To help you decide which destination to consider for your first solo adventure, I’ve put together my personal 7 favourite countries to travel solo:

7) England

Whether your travel budget is a few thousand dollars per week or a few hundred, you can afford to travel solo in England and have a great time. During my first trip to London 6 years ago, I managed to spend only £167 in 7 days. I’m almost positive you can budget the same today if you spent wisely. Since I slept on the couch of a girl named Ruth, who I met while travelling in Ghana, I was able to save on accommodations. Ruth also doubled as my nighttime party buddy, while my days were spent walking around London alone which I wouldn’t have had any other way. I visited several markets, ate delicious food in beautiful parks, visited many of the famous landmarks, partied at some great pubs and even saw a Broadway show.

London England Phone Booth

6) Spain

Spain is an excellent place for a solo traveller looking for love. Now, I don’t necessarily mean love for a man or a woman but love for a country and a culture.

Spain will seduce you with her sexy ways. She’ll make you fall deeply in love with her Spanish charm, European flavour and Catalan sassiness. Her music will captivate you and unique style will leave you in awe. You’ll wonder why you hadn’t met sooner and will be excited that you get to have her all to yourself.

Spain Girona

5) Mexico

Despite what you might have read in the tabloids, I’ve never felt threatened or in danger in Mexico. I’ve been 4 times and each time I fall more in love with this North American paradise. Mexico has so much to offer a solo traveller who loves to be outdoors, especially in the water.

Mexico is a scuba divers paradise. I have friends who have dove all over the world and say that Mexico is definitely one of their favourite places to explore under the sea. There’s so much sea life, ship wrecks and even an underwater museum to explore. On top of that, the culture is interesting, the people are wonderful and the food will have you drooling.

Casa Hogar Mexico_3

4) India

They say if you can travel in India, you can travel anywhere. I say that if you can travel in India, you’re one lucky son of a gun. India is my favourite country in the world!! I’ve spent 6 months in this magical country (4 of which I travelled alone), and it has played a huge part in shaping the person I am today.

It’s hard to put into words how incredible India is. It radiates a certain energy that you don’t feel anywhere else. It stimulates all of your senses at once…all of the time. It’s colourful, flavourful and spiritual. It has the power to transform you into the best version of yourself if you allow it; to awaken your soul in a way you never knew was possible. If you’re looking for an intense cultural experience or an opportunity to know yourself like you’ve never know yourself before, travelling solo in India can be one of the best experiences of your life. At least it was for me, and many other travellers I know.

Turn Your Dreams Into Reality, But Remember To Enjoy The Journey!

3) Thailand

Next to India, Thailand is my favourite country in the world. Diverse landscapes, mouth-watering cuisine and friendly locals are just a few of the reason why Thailand is awesome. Then there’s the fact that the transportation around the country is easy and frequent. You can also live like a king or queen easily on $500-$800 USD per month (which includes accommodations, food, transportation and activities). It’s also worth mentioning that during the 4 times I’ve travelled in Thailand, I’ve always felt safe and comfortable. Of course, no matter where you travel to, it’s always recommended to use common sense and listen to your gut, no matter how safe a country may be.

10 Amazing Things to Do in Thailand. Hong Island

2) Guatemala

I must admit that I have yet to travel to Guatemala alone, but I would in a heartbeat. I spent a couple of weeks adventuring in Guatemala with Siya and a few other friends, but this amazing Central American country is a hot spot for solo travellers. Like Thailand, it’s easy to spent $500-$800 USD per month and still see and do a lot. There are so many cool hostels all over Guatemala where you can meet other solo travellers like yourself. If you are a foodie, prepare to feast because Guatemala has the most delicious tacos you’ll ever consume (sorry Mexico). Whether you’re looking for adventurous activities or a yoga retreat, Guatemala has it all. You’ll definitely want to spend some time in Antigua and Lake Atitlan when you’re there. The only downside is you may not want to leave.


1) Indonesia

If you’re travelling in Thailand, then it’s definitely worth visiting Indonesia if time permits. This enchanted land will make you feel like a you’re living in a fairytale. There’s so much that this country has waiting for you to explore.

One of the greatest things that travel gives you is the opportunity to try an abundance of new things. In a world where we are told to go to school and study set subjects and then choose one of these to pursue as a career, it’s easy to find yourself feeling like perhaps you aren’t on the right path. This is especially the case for those who are feeling pressure from others around them to follow a path that isn’t made for them. Well, what if you spent a few months or year of your life exploring different cultural activities, traditions and ways of life, you may find your calling in a place you never knew existed if you didn’t leave your comfort zone. Indonesia has endless opportunities for you to explore your creative, curious self and you may be surprised at what you find.

Getting some tips from Katut

Where did you take your first solo travel trip?



  • All the places are so beautiful and must to visit. Really a very good article which helps the reader to increase their knowledge about Solo travel as well as amazing insights and great Information. Thanks for sharing!

  • The information shared in this article is really appreciable. I totally agree with this. Really a very good article which helps the reader to increase their knowledge about Solo travel as well as amazing insights and great Information and also overview of places to visit in India Thanks for sharing!

  • Actually, Solo traveling is not easy to choose the right destination is an important part of traveling. Because safety is the first priority. You share the best countries for solo traveling is really best. I agree with you. You shared the countries really awesome and safety. Great Blog. Thanks!

  • Yes Actually your right information to share with me. Those country are it’s a safe for travelling. I like the India , England , Indonesia and Spain for travelling. I read the your blog and get the right information on solo travelling country. There are so many developers working on this part but this is one of the best innovative post ever. Thanks for such post.

  • My traveling outside of Finland has so far been to Sweden, Norway and Portugal though I am definitely gonna change it to a lot more. The only place I have travelled alone is Azores, Portugal where I spent 3 months as an exhange student.
    Those 3 months definitely changed me as a person and I really noticed that I don’t mind going alone. It definitely got me to be more outspoken and to explore. Thus far I haven’t really traveled since I didn’t want to go alone, but that most certainly changed.

  • Absolutely inspiring. You have convinced me that I can take on Indonesia, Thailand and India solo! I took my first solo trip to London and will soon be backpacking through Italy. Love reading your posts, you have been very encouraging in the solo female travel world!

  • I was awaiting to see my country, Brazil! Unfortunately my turistic diversity is no longer known!! Let me make a test: do you know that there’s snow in Brazil?! Yea, there is. Do you know that one of the biggst cave lake cames from Brazil too?! But am certanly you at first thinks about Rio de Janeiro! Well…things gonna change soon.

  • Where in India did you visit? Peru is a great country to travel solo. It has a little bit of everything which makes it so interesting. Did you do the Lares Trek or Inca Trail in Peru?

  • UK is a beautiful place too. There’s lot of wonderful places to visit, though Paris is a city of Love but if you go alone, you still have the love, “love yourself and go solo”

  • Hi Kristen,
    I’m from (Delhi) India, glad to know you love my country and we luv you too. We also love your YTube channel. Hope you make your third trip to India soon and learn Hindi quickly.
    Yes it’s different religions, culture, Yog, spirituality and great varieties of food that’s attracts foreigners.
    I also wish to see the world and travel like you.
    Bye and take care

    • Hi Pankaj! Thank you for your lovely comment. I’ll be coming to India real soon. I love to spend a lot of time there so I at least need to come for a month. I started learning Hindi using iTalki (https://youtu.be/WMnVSuJDcJA) which was great but I need to keep up with it. It’s very hard to learn! Do you travel around you country a lot?

  • Your blog and videos always inspire me to live a life full of transcending adventure.!
    I believe this is your latest blog post..I wanna win that floating hammock!

    With all my love,
    Chelsea V

    • Hi Chelsea! Thanks so much for your comment. I’m glad my videos and posts inspire you to see this world. It’s a pretty incredible place with a lot of hidden treasures just waiting for you to discover. The content for the Wind Pouch ends tomorrow (June 13th) at 11:59PM. All you gotta do it go on over to that post and leave a comment telling me what you’d use it for this summer and also be following me on Instagram (@hopscotchtheglobe) Good luck!

  • Great to see India on your list Kristen. I travelled there but not solo it was indeed amazing life changing experience.
    I've been solo in Peru, Thailand New Zealand. Hungary 《Budapest》 Italy. Switzerland all fantastic experience…Peru was most recent and basis for my blog

    • Where in India did you visit? Peru is a great country to travel solo. It has a little bit of everything which makes it so interesting. Did you do the Lares Trek or Inca Trail in Peru?

      • No trekking for me that time Kirsten. I was living close to both trails. I spent my energy learning the language and culture and making friends with local people. It was a big adjustment 9 weeks in Ollantaytambo. I will be back.


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