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The Ultimate Road Trip Essentials Checklist

Road trips are the preferred way to travel these days, and I’m not complaining since it’s my favourite way to explore! After 15 years of travel, and a lot of road trips, I’ve put together 15 road trip essentials that you’ll always want to travel with.

8 Places to Find Free Overnight RV Camping

Whether you’re currently on the road or planning an epic road trip with your RV, Van or Airstream, these 8 resources to help you find FREE overnight RV camping will come in quite handy and save you big!

We’re Renovating Our Airstream…Again!

We are back at it! We’re renovating our Airstream again. This time, we’ve added a tree house bunkbed for our daughter, spa-like shower, apothecary cabinet and more!

Best Tools to Help You Work From Home

We are all forced to work from home during isolation. After 10 years of working from home, these are my 8 tips to help keep you productive, organized and efficient.

7 Ways to Scratch the Travel Itch in Quarantine

What happens when you can’t travel because you’re stuck in quarantine during the Coronavirus pandemic? You scratch the travel itch from home! Here’s how I’m fulfilling my wanderlust while I’m stuck inside.