What I Love Most About Travel

What I love most about travel kristen sarah hopscotch the globe

What I love about travel is it forces you to break out of your comfort zone and try new things. I’ve learned so much about myself that I would have never known had I not left home. That’s why I believe it’s so important to start travelling when you’re younger, before you head off to college or university.

How else are you supposed to know what you want to spend the next 4+ years studying, if you’ve barely left your backyard?

For all you know, something you are the most passionate and absolutely amazing at doing could be waiting for you to discover on the other side of his planet. Which is why, I’m so grateful that I chose to live in Paraguay for 4 months before heading off to college. This 4-month trip drastically changed my world. It altered my way of thinking, introduced me to a completely different way of living and taught me about my strengths and the power of goal setting and achievements. It also sparked my wanderlust that has led me to the career, and lifestyle I am so grateful to live to today. Had I followed my fellow classmates to college directly following high school graduation, I really don’t know where I’d be today…

Fast-forward to 12 years later, and I found myself on the beautiful island of Lombok, Indonesia standing on a surfboard for the first time. “You’ll probably fall the first few times, but don’t let that discourage you,” said my surf instructor. He was probably right. That however, would not stop me from trying this new water sport.


I grabbed my surfboard, attached the safety strap to my ankle and followed my instructor into the water. I propped my body up on the board just as my instructor had previously demonstrated on the beach. Using my arms and hands as propellers, I made my way out into the ocean where the other surfers were patiently waiting for the perfect wave.

My instructor held onto the back of my board and went over the plan with me. “When I say go, use your arms to swim towards the shore. When I say up, you’re going to jump up on your surfboard just as I showed you. Remember that if you fall, make sure you stay under the water longer than normal. If you don’t, your surf board will hit you on the head,” he said. “Don’t. Let. Board. Smash. Head. Got it!” I replied.

Learning to surf Kuta Lombok Indonesia

I anxiously waited, belly on board until I heard the magic words from my instructor. “GO, GO, GO,” he yelled. Off I went, swinging my arms forward probably more eager than needed. “UP, UP, UP,” he yelled.” Up I got on my board, perfectly balanced, arms out like a true professional and… up I continued to stay! Yes, that’s right. I never fell on my first attempt at surfing and road the wave all the way in. My instructor was happy with my performance, but what really impressed him the most was the fact that I didn’t fall the next 7 times either. “You’re a natural,” he told me. “You know what? I am a natural. Who would have known?” I said proudly.

Surfing in Indonesia

It’s true.

Had I not left my comfort zone, I’d have never known I was actually good at something I’d never expected.

Not only am I good at surfing, but I absolutely love it. THIS is what travel is about. Don’t wait to book that plane ticket. Do it now! Stop saying, I’ll travel when I’m older, when I have more time, more money and less priorities. Now is your time. You never know what you’ll discover about yourself.

What has travel taught you about yourself?

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  • I love surfing!!! This sport actually made me almost give up after trying it a few times here in my country. Nevertheless, it was fun and you are correct on saying that you will fall many times but no matter what you’re gonna get back up for the love of the sport! Thanks for sharing this such a great set of photos!

    • Hi Tristan! Isn’t surfing so much fun?! I just tried it again in Tofino, BC and it was such a different experience, but also a lot of fun. I look forward to surfing in different places around the world. Where else have you surfed?

  • Growing up at the beach, I’ve always had a passion for the ocean but to this day I’ve never learned to surf. Maybe its my fear of the ocean or whats underneath but regardless after ready your post I truly felt like I was there with you, paddling faster and jumping UP! I took the traditional route, graduated from high school and went straight to college never really taking advantage of traveling. It makes me wonder though, where I would be had a taken time before college to explore not only the world but who I was as a young adult. What destination is next on your travel list?

    • I really love your comment. Thank you for taking the time to write it. The question of “what if” is something we all ask ourselves no matter where we are in life. The great thing is you can choose to take that adventure you were thinking about now! You can find a way to make it happen and change up your life story. Travel is always there. The world is waiting for you. It will test you and teach you thinks about yourself you never would have known otherwise. You may be one of the best surfers of our time, and you don’t even know it 😉

      We are in Texas right now and next we are heading to the west coat of Canada for some more winter fun.

  • Hey Great share,,,
    I am a big fan of surfing but I never went there and after reading your post I am Excited to go there. ?

    Pictures are amazing. You know surfing has a special advantage that you can feel relax after surfing. when I use to live in Bali, I always go for surfing whenever I fell stress.
    Thanks for your post.. ?



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