What Others Are Saying About Kristen

What others are saying about Kristen of Hopscotch the Globe

“If you are a traveler with an unquenchable curiosity, seeking a better understanding of other cultures, and a greater appreciate for the beauty and diversity of our planet, it’s best to travel the world as a participant rather than a spectator, and that’s what Kristen does.  Her enthusiasm for adventure is contagious, pulling the viewer into her stories. Her video skills, both camera work and editing, are a bonus that help make her stories engaging, but it’s her personality that pushes Kristen’s reporting to the next level, making you want to go along on the journey with her.” – Boyd Matson, Journalist and Adventurer

“Obviously very savvy, adventurous and fun. She’s very authentic, goofy and has been developing a presence online for a long time. That sort of pedigree goes a long way. She’s very passionate about travelling and even more so about sharing her experiences with others. Her expertise and adventurous attitude is definitely going to take her places.” – Jon Goldmann, Social Media Manager at Jetsetter

“Kristen shows a lot of personality, versatility, and a nice perspective. This lady sure knows how to self-shoot and that’s easier said than done, especially out on the road. She’s also got some pretty great storytelling and skills.” – Kim Mance, Writer and Travel Show Host

“Kristen was invited to join the #MyJasper blog trip in January 2014, and we were so thrilled that she accepted. Not only does the quality of her work speak for itself, but Kristen has a diverse and dedicated audience that responds to her travel tales with great enthusiasm.  We would not hesitate to work with Kristen again and to recommend her to other travel brands.” – Dalene and Pete Heck, HeckticMedia.com

“Kristen offers an adventurous & vibrant take compared to other travel blogs scattered all over the interwebs. Her fun and daring nature translate well into her journey across the globe along with her writing &photos. So go ahead and learn a thing or two from her global adventure and enjoy her off-the-wall words of wisdom.” – John Morrison, Travel Enthusiast & Online Marketing Manager


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