Guest Starring on Angry Planet in the Brazilian Amazon

Hey ya’ll! Guess what?! I’m on television!

That’s right. I had a secret that I was keeping for months, and I finally announced it on my YouTube channel last Wednesday. The big announcement is that I travelled to the Brazilian Amazon last November where I guest starred in episode of Angry Planet alongside George Kourounis.

Here’s a sneak peak of the episode I am in:

Angry Planet is a television show about extreme encounters with our rapidly changing environment.  The series is in its 4th season (it got picked up again after a 5-year hiatus) and will include travels to the volcanoes of the Pacific, the coldest city on Earth, Brazil’s treacherous Amazon River (that’s the episode I’m in), and the deep caves of Laos in search of the unmistakable changes that are endangering Earth’s delicate ecosystem.

Angry Planet airs every Fridays at 10 p.m. ET/PT, on Pivot TV. This means that only Americans have access to the show at the moment however, you will be the first ones to know once it comes to other parts of the world.

If you are able to stream it online somewhere, please let me know by leaving a comment below.

This was my second time visiting the Amazon. The first time I visited this magical place was in 2007 when I spent a few days in the Peruvian Amazon with Siya. This time around, I was in a much more remote part of the Amazon where only a hand full of adventurers have gone including Theodore Roosevelt and Cândido RondonIn fact, the Roosevelt–Rondon Scientific Expedition was jointly led by Theodore Roosevelt and Cândido Rondon in 1913–1914 to be the first explorers of the 1000-mile long “River of Doubt.” 

So, myself, George and the crew were on a mission to follow in the footsteps of both Roosevelt and Rondon to try and find one of their 800-pound dugout canoes they had used 100-years ago. While doing so, we too would be battling rapids and malaria and swimming in piraña infested waters just as Roosevalt and Rondon had done during their expedition. It was a great adventure to say the least, and I am so fortunate to have been able to have this experience.

For those of you who have seen the episode already, let me know what you thought of it below. For those of you who haven’t seen it yet, I can’t wait for you to! It will actually be airing on Pivot again the follow days and times:

  • Tuesday, May 12th at 2:30PM and 11:00PM EST
  • Sunday, May 24th at 12:30PM EST

Now, I leave you with a bunch of photos from the adventure taken by the lovely Jocelito Camarago.

Angry Planet Brazil Amazon_8

Angry Planet Brazil Amazon_5

Angry Planet Kristen Sarah

Angry Planet Brazil Amazon_7

Angry Planet Brazil Amazon_6

Angry Planet Brazil Amazon_20

Angry Planet Brazil Amazon_18

Angry Planet Brazil Amazon_21

Jaguar Paw Print_2

Jaguar Paw Print

Angry Planet Brazil Amazon_4

Kayaking in the Brazilian Amazon_2

Kayaking in the Brazilian Amazon

Angry Planet Brazil Amazon _25

Angry Planet Brazil Amazon_23

Angry Planet Brazil Amazon_16

Angry Planet Brazil Amazon_15

Angry Planet Brazil Amazon_12

Angry Planet Brazil Amazon_11

Angry Planet Brazil Amazon_18

Angry Planet Brazil Amazon

Angry Planet Brazil Amazon_6

Angry Planet Brazil Amazon_22

Angry Planet Brazil Amazon_13

Angry Planet George Kourounis and Kristen Sarah

Angry Planet Brazil Amazon_9

Angry Planet Brazil Amazon_14


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  • Great Post, Look like happy adventure, 🙂 i wish ill be there, but anyway we planning this coming month to adventure with my friends we were going to out of country of course base to your article brazil such much fun.. Thanks for this sharing informative stuff you help me a lot to decide to were we going..
    Ill keep in touch, just keep it great ! 😉


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