How to Live in the Moment in Maui

There is a technique I started practising one day in India a couple years ago that I would like to share.

I constantly find myself on the go, thinking of what to do next instead of really living in the moment.  Then one day in India, while I was sitting on top of a mountain, I closed my eyes and pictured myself sitting behind the desk I previously worked at typing away at a job I didn’t particularly enjoy. I was so deep in this thought that i actually felt like I was back at work with eyes glued to the monitor in front of me. Then suddenly I snapped back to reality and opened my eyes to the most amazing view below. I was so overwhelmed with joy, that I couldn’t stop smiling for the rest of the day.  Since that moment, I continued to practise this technique to really help me live in the moment not just when I travel, but every single day.

In the above video, I share my technique for living in the moment while visiting a beautiful waterfall in Maui.  I urge you to try this sometime.


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