Announcing Costa Rica 2020 Group Trip

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Since we started Hopscotch the Globe in 2010, we've received countless emails and messages from people that go a little something like this:

"How can I travel with you?"

This of course got Siya and I saying to each other:

"How can we travel with our travel tribe?"

So, in 2018, we announced our first ever Hopscotch the Globe Travel Tribe Trip to Guatemala! This trip was a huge success on many levels. We sold out within days of announcing, we got to hang out with you wonderful humans for 9 days in real life, we had a crazy adventure in one of our favourite countries, gave back to local communities, sponsored a playground in a rural village and made life long friends. This trip was so epic and the group became so close that 10 out of 12 tribe members joined us again for our Ecuador trip last year.

Yes that's right, in 2019, we expanded our Hopscotch the Globe Travel Tribe Trips to Ecuador and also returned to Guatemala for round 2! Now, let's talk about 2020...

This year, we are traveling to another one of our favourite countries...Costa Rica!

And, we want YOU to join us.

You will join myself and Siya for 12 exhilarating days across one of the happiest countries on Earth. This journey takes you high up into the cloud forest of Monteverde, across the continental divide and into thick rainforest. You'll sleep near the base of the Arenal Volcano in the epicentre of adrenaline before visiting one of the world’s largest green sea turtle nesting sites in Tortuguero National Park. We will finish off soaking in the sun on the beautiful beaches of the Caribbean coast.

You, along with your new travel tribe, will have the chance to give back to the Earth, volunteering in one of the county’s largest nature reserves. We will spend time with a local family during our homestay and get an inside look at why Costa Rica is considered one of the world’s happiest countries. We'll explore what was once the world’s most active volcano, soak in hot springs and test your limits on Central America’s longest zipline. This Hopscotch the Globe group trip is packed with adventure, local flavor and thrilling surprises.

On this trip, you'll give back in more than one way:

  • You will volunteer within Costa Rica’s largest nature reserve which protects 23,000 hectares of important forest and whose reforestation program has planted over 1 million trees in the past 30 years. A portion of the trip fee goes to this project.
  • You will spend two nights with a local family in a homestay which helps to distribute wealth throughout the local community.
  • A portion of the trip fee will also support the following organizations:

More about our HTG Costa Rica Group Trip

September 12-23, 2020
12 Days
$2,820 USD
8 - 15 ppl
All genders (18+)
Costa Rica Wildlife Impact and Adventure Tour

Costa Rica: Wildlife Impact and Adventure Tour Itinerary


- San Jose – San Jose
- September 12-23, 2020
- Arrive at anytime before 5 pm on September 12, 2020


Meet Your Hosts

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Hey friend! We are the adventure seeking, world travelling, tiny home-living couple behind the Hopscotch the Globe brand. We specialize in inspiring and teaching adventurous couples and families how to travel and live a more authentic life. We enjoy random dance parties, Disney sing-a-longs, big hugs and star-gazing. You can often me (Kristen) be-friending as many dogs as possible in every country I visit, while Siya can be found at the top of some random tree eating a slice of pizza. We can't wait to create awesome memories with you in Costa Rica!


Allie first came to Central America in 2011 to work as a Tour Leader for an adventure travel company. She led more than 1000 passengers over a 5-year period from Mexico City all the way to Panama City. The first time she stepped foot in Costa Rica, she became head over heals, and she hadn't even met her future husband Leo yet (but more about that shortly). The landscape was certainly breathtaking. There was no lack of variety of beaches, forests and mountains, but what she really loved most was the people. The Costa Ricans are known to be some of the happiest in the world. The carefree, relaxed attitude of the locals captured Allie, and she knew she wanted to settle down in this beautiful land someday with a happy Costa Rican man. Perhaps start a business of their own, helping others discover all the reasons why Costa Rica is undeniably special. That would be the dream!

Fast forward to a couple of years later, Allie married a Costa Rican man named Leo (yup the handsome fella you'll read about next) and together they started a tour leading company called Outstanding Costa Rica. Allie can't wait to meet you and show you all the reasons why she's fallen deeply for Costa Rica.

PS. We have been besties with Allie since high school and may have a little something to do with how she met Leo. You can ask her more about this during our trip!




Meet Leo! Your other local guide, husband to Allie and second half of Outstanding Costa Rica. Leo grew up in Monteverde, Costa Rica. As he was growing up in this small mountain town, tourism was just slowly growing in Costa Rica. International schools became popular and English became important. One of his first jobs was in a fancy hotels as a receptionist. He started to meet people from around the world everyday. His second, third and fourth jobs were all directly in the tourism and hospitality sector. He was a bartender, waiter, receptionist, manager and finally a tour guide, which he's loved the most.

Leo's jobs have taken him to all parts of Costa Rica, and he's constantly amazed by the beauty of his own country. He's the guy who will answer all your questions about his homeland. He's excited to show you why Costa Rica is so special from a locals perspective.

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