7 Tips for Living Your Dream Life Right Now

7 Tips for Living Your Dream Life Right Now

Every one of us has a dream of how we want our life to be. Maybe you’re currently working a boring 9-5 job you can’t stand and dream of trading it all in to work for yourself on a beach in a tropical paradise. Perhaps you’re a mother or father who dreams of starting their own business, but feel like you haven’t had the time. I can relate to both of these scenarios and sometimes we just need that little push from somebody that’s been in the position you are right now. You really can start living your dream life today! These 7 tips for living your dream life right now come from myself and boss babe Sorelle Amore, who is a well-known photographer, filmmaker, influencer, and savvy businesswoman. These 7 tips got us to where we are today, living our dream lives, and they can do the same for you.

How to Live Your Dream Life:

7. Build Your Dream Life Plan

Build a plan that will help you achieve your goals and let you live your dream life. With your goal in mind, map our the step-by-step of what you’ll need to do to get there. Taking your big goal and breaking it up into smaller goals will make your big dream feel more attainable. We’ve all had our bad days but keep your goals in mind, stick to your formula, and just do it.

6. Remember Self Care

I’ve learned over the years that self care is so important. You need to take good care of yourself in order to achieve your goals. Not taking care of yourself means you’re not being the best version of yourself. Not being the best version of yourself just makes achieving your dream life harder. You run the risk of getting burnt out easily.

To avoid burn out, do things that aren’t related to your career. For me, I’ve been reading, drawing, practising yoga, and spending time in nature. All of these things help me recharge and help refuel my inspiration and motivation. The more inspired I am, the more I’m able to continue following my dreams and working towards my big goal. Find that fine balance between doing things for yourself and doing things for your career, even if your career is your hobby.

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5. Get Out of Your Own Way

A lot of us destroy our own potential and careers because we talk ourselves out of everything. You might have heard that little voice say:

”I can’t do this. I’m not made for this. This is too hard. I’m not good enough.”

You are not alone! We’re our own worst enemy and critic, in so many ways. It’s a constant battle that we have to fight. Yes, the battle sucks sometimes, but it also helps us to grow. When we know how to deal with that little naysayer in our head, it makes us stronger and gets us one step closer to our dream life. So yes, it does suck but just suck it up and keep pushing forward.

4. Stop Comparing Yourself

Not only is comparing yourself with others the worst thing you can do, but it’s also the hardest NOT to do. It’s human nature to compare. We wanna see what’s possible and what we can achieve. But if you don’t do it right, it’s suicide. It really is. It kills your spirit, soul, creativity and everything about your potential.

Comparison is horrible, but there are ways to overcome it. You can unfollow people on social media that make you feel bad and follow those that lift you up. Surround yourself only with people and energies that are going to uplift and motivate you to keep pushing forward. Get rid of the people and things in your life that discourage and bring you down. There’s a saying:

“You’re the average of the five people spend the most time with.”

Something to think about.

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3. Know Things Will Go Bad

Things will go bad. You have to acknowledge that this is part of life for everybody. It may seem that there are many people living a life that is “perfect” but they are only showing you small aspects of their life. You can’t have the good without the bad. But, how you deal with it the not so good situations will be the difference between being stuck in a set back or pushing forward. If you see a set back as an opportunity to learn and grow, only good will come out of it. Every successful person living their dream life has had set backs. It’s a natural part of the journey and what makes your story unique. If you keep working hard, persevere and love what you do, you will always be successful. Remember to enjoy the whole process.

2. Stick to Your Dream Life Vision

Always having a vision about what you want to achieve is very important. Draw it out. Write it down. Tape it up somewhere you will see each day so you can reminded of final destination. Then take those baby steps and stay persistent. Stay determined, and don’t compare. Enjoy your journey, and keep your vision in mind along the way. When you have that vision of why you’re doing what you’re doing, and you keep referring back to it, you’re gonna enjoy the process so much more.

1. Be Open to Change

Be open-minded to your plan changing because that’s when the magic happens. Be open to new opportunities that you may have never anticipated. They can take you in a direction that’s even better than what your original vision was. Your vision and plan may change a bit but that’s what makes the entire journey more exciting and unique. I had always dreamed of being a travel TV host, and I’ve done it several time (the below photo is when I filmed Angry Planet in the Brazilian Amazon). I never could have imagined that my dream would change. Now being my own boss is my ultimate dream come true. I get to make my own travel show on YouTube and create content that changes lives. I wouldn’t want to live my life any other way.

filming a travel tv show in brazil

Living your dream life can begin at any time. The sooner you put your mind and heart into knowing what your goals are & what success is for you, the sooner you start your journey to achieving your dreams. Just remember that we all have struggles. Even the most successful people have struggles, and that’s just part of it all. It’s what allows you to grow and get stronger.

So keep doing what you’re doing. Keep dreaming and remember there will always be people that tell you, “You’re crazy. It’s not gonna work.” Don’t listen to them. Never let them anyone or anything stop you from getting what you want and living the life you’ve always dreamed of.

You do you boo boo.

What’s your dream? I’d LOVE to hear all about it.


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