Top 5 Activities to Try in Puerto Rico

What do Canadians love to do in the winter time? I would have to say that travelling to a beautiful sunny island is at the top of the list.  

Escaping the Canadian winter is a popular choice. As soon as one is required to turn in their summer clothing in exchange for a parka, it’s not uncommon to start daydreaming of some tropical paradise. However, a vacation from winter isn’t just about travelling to another country to lie on the beach and sip daiquiris all day; it’s also about stepping out of your comfort zone and trying new things.

Sea Trekking in Puerto Rico

The beautiful island of Puerto Rico offers travellers the chance to participate in some adventurous activities. During a recent visit to the island, I checked off quite a few items from my bucket list. After some hard consideration, I present you with my Top 5 Activities to Try in Puerto Rico:

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  • Here are more suggestions: 1) visit Museo Las Americas. It has the world’s largest display of native artifacts from lost tribes in South America (think headhunters!) 2) Walk Paseo de Las Princesa. The boardwalk stretches from Princesa to El Morro and offers spectacular views of the ocean and neighboring islands. 3) Swim El Ambique. the beach in Isla Verde at the far eastern end is lined with beach bars and restaurants. It is also the most beautiful beachfront in San Juan. Even if you are staying in Condado, it’s worth a day in Isla Verde. 4) Visit The Mall of America. The second largest mall in all South and Central America. Escape the heat and shop in mall that will knock your socks off. 5) navigate The site contains hundreds of events and postings to assist tourists in San Juan, Puerto Rico.


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