Nature is the Best Medicine in the World

What if I told you that the best medicine in the world is free, and it’s found right outside your door?


It’s the answer to the many issues we may face throughout our life and the cause of many problems we experience when we go without it.

French River Provincial Park

French River Provincial Park_3

As more of us choose to live and work up in that high rise in the sky, we loose sight of the land below and our connection with mother nature. This disconnection is defined as Nature Deficit Disorder, a term used to describe negative personal, social and societal impacts when people disconnect from nature. This is a very real and serious problem resulting in a lot of anxious, stressed and obese people, among several other things. Nature Deficit Disorder is also the cause of behavioural problems in children.

French River Provincial Park_6

I think we all need to put as much work into ourselves and our physical and mental health that we do on other things like work and school. I too get caught up in my work, start feeling sore, mentally foggy and then wonder why. It’s easy to get disconnected from our roots, our natural state, but once you step foot in nature and just simply be present, it’s amazing how alive it makes you feel. You then ask yourself why you thought anything else could be more important.

We weren’t born to live in a little box with our bare feet only touching carpet. We were born in nature and are meant to thrive here. It’s where our roots are ingrained and where we feel the most alive.

Earthing in Ontario


The bottom line is that nature is incredible for your health and spirit and for this, I urge you to get outside as much as possible.

If you’ve been following my blog and YouTube channel for a while, you know how passionate I am about nature and wildlife. I’m proud to share that my homeland of Ontario feels the same way. Ontario Parks supports Healthy Parks Healthy People; a worldwide movement that promotes the link between a healthy environment and healthy society.

French River Provincial Park Bridge

Camping in Ontario Canada_1

Did you know?

  • Contact with nature has been found to lower blood pressure, strengthen the immune system, help mitigate disease, and reduce stress levels
  • Regular use of natural areas for physical activity can reduce the risk of mental health problems by 50%
  • Memory performance and attention span improves 20% after spending an hour interacting with nature
  • People exposed to nature recover from surgery faster and require fewer medications
  • Nature makes you nicer: communities with more green space have lower rates of crime and violence
  • Canadians are dependent on a healthy environment for the economic and social well-being, today and in the future

Dragon Fly

Magical Mushrooms

In the above video, Siya and I take you on a camping trip in Northern Ontario where we connect with nature and reap all of its benefits. From Grundy Lake to French River Provincial Park, we share how important it is to go out and be in nature in support of the Healthy Parks, Healthy People movement.

NOTE: Before filming my chipmunk experience (which you’ll see in this video), I didn’t know that that Ontario Parks if very stern on making sure visitors do not feed the animals. Now that I know, I won’t be doing it in the future out of respect, and I encourage you to do the same 🙂

The time to strengthen and rediscover our connection to nature is now! 


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