Artist Hosts Magical Dome Airbnb in the Jungles of Costa Rica

We’re very excited to be partnering with Airbnb on a new video and blog series called Meet Your Host! Throughout the series, we’ll be sharing the stories of Airbnb hosts and how they turned their unique stays into thriving businesses. Last week, we shared how we made $10,000 in our first month of being Airbnb hosts. In this episode, we’re sharing Katrin’s story. If you’ve ever thought about hosting on Airbnb, this story is sure to inspire you to get started.

Welcome to Green Moon Lodge!

Tucked away just off a small dirt road in Montezuma, Costa Rica, is a magical dome surrounded by jungle, beaches and waterfalls. Designed and built by Austrian Artist Katrin (with the help of local friends), Green Moon Lodge is truly a work of art and one of the most unique Airbnb’s we’ve ever stayed in.

Let’s Take a Tour of This Unique Airbnb

Green Moon Lodge is ideal for two people looking for a short or long-term unique stay. The three domes that make up the place are comprised of one bedroom, one bathroom, and a kitchen/living room area. The bedroom has a queen-sized bed, two bedside tables and shelving for storage. The bathroom has a large open aired shower with hot water, sink, toilet and washing machine. The central dome is the largest one and includes an open concept kitchen and dining/working area. The kitchen is fully equipped with everything you might need: fridge, freezer, stove, blender, and coffee maker. All of the windows throughout the house have mosquito nets. This way you get the warm tropical breeze flowing through the dome without the mosquitos.

The outside of Green Moon Lodge is surrounded by a beautiful garden filled with lush tropical plants. There’s a seating area with two couches, a table and a hammock perfectly placed in a shaded area. There’s also a clothing line to hang laundry.

How Katrin Became an Airbnb Host

After spending a lot of time in Montezuma, Katrin made the big move to this Costa Rican surf town in 2017. She chose Montezuma for its laid-back lifestyle, artist community and natural surroundings.

Shortly after the big move, Katrin decided to build Green Moon Lodge for the purpose of it becoming a unique Airbnb. She chose Airbnb because she’s always enjoyed the guest experience on the platform. So, why not be a host too?! Katrin says the platform is super easy to use. She especially loves how Airbnb handles all of the payment process and payouts. Katrin also feels good about the safety measures the platform takes to protect its hosts.

Being an Airbnb host is Katrin’s main source of income. This business opportunity has given her the finances and time she wouldn’t have working a 9-5 office job. Now, she can focus on her painting and other creative projects, knowing she has her bills covered by her unique Airbnb. Another thing being an Airbnb host gives Katrin, is the opportunity to invite people from all over the world into her home and share her love for Montezuma with them.

How Much Did it Cost to Build Green Moon Lodge?

Green Moon Lodge cost Katrin $30,000 USD to build. The unique Airbnb rents at $112 per night and books up pretty steady throughout the year. This makes the lodge a great return on investment since it can very easily be paid off within a couple of years since its first night of occupancy.

Staying at Green Moon Lodge

Siya, Kai and I spent two nights in this magical dome and found it to be the perfect setting to relax and get inspired. Even before stepping foot in the dome, we were blown away by the design and colours used in this unique Airbnb. Even the door into the dome is an experience itself. It was designed based on a painting Katrin had done and welded by a friend into this grand entrance.

Upon pulling up to the dome, my inner child started to get all giddy. The colours, shapes, textures and the overall impression had me in awe. I had never seen anything quite like this throughout all of my travels. Katrin greeted us with a huge smile and set us up to make sure our stay was enjoyable.

Our favourite part of our stay was singing in the middle dome (there are some pretty great acoustics in there), having a coffee in the garden and sitting in one of the bedroom window nooks.

Nighttime in the dome was the most magical. You can open up the skylight above the bed and stare up at the stars. We even drifted off to sleep to the sounds of cicadas and howler monkeys.

Interested in Becoming an Airbnb Host?

For those who already have a unique space:

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For those who don’t YET have a unique space:

If becoming an Airbnb host is something you’ve been thinking about, but you don’t yet have a unique space, you can still make it happen. Do you have an extra room in your home you can rent out? Perhaps, you have some land you can build an additional structure on? The possibilities of what your unique Airbnb can look like expand as far as your imagination

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