Improve Your Relationship with a Winter Weekend Getaway

While I thoroughly enjoy getting away with my love any time of year, I find winter getaways extra romantic.

My hubby Siya and I love winter travel. Some of our favourite travel memories have been in winter destinations such as Finland, Greenland and Germany. I love the extra cuddle sessions, enjoying a new snowfall or having heart-to-hearts by the fire with Siya. Winter is the time of year when everything comes full circle. It’s a time to reflect, appreciate and celebrate everything in our lives. It’s also a reminder that rebirth and new beginnings are on the way.

There’s really no better time to get away and relax, reflect and renew ourselves and relationships.

Siya and I spent our last weekend getaway in Mont Tremblant at the Fairmont Tremblant. The hotel is located in a quaint ski village only a 60-minute flight from downtown Toronto, making it an ideal mini-vacation spot for Torontonians like ourselves. We flew direct out of Billy Bishop Airport to Mont Tremblant International Airport, which is the cutest, most Canadian airport I’ve ever seen! It’s a log cabin in the middle of a forest and only a short drive from the ski village.

In only a few days, we toured around the area in a helicopter, learned how to snowboard, went on a sleigh ride, indulged in delicious cuisine and relaxed at the Scandinavian Spa. By the end of our weekend-long-trip, we both felt renewed.

Snowboarding Mont Tremblant

Sleigh Ride Mont Tremblant

Weekend getaways are the best!

They are a great way to leave all of your work and personal responsibilities behind and truly disconnect without breaking the bank. Most of us can afford to get away for 2-3 days every so often (even if it’s a staycation in your own backyard), in fact, I highly encourage it. Not only is it a fun thing to do with your loved one, but it’s one of the healthiest things you can do for yourself and relationship. Mini-vacations can lower stress hormones and blood pressure, like a lot. Three days into a vacation, and you may notice you feel well-rested, less anxious and in a better mood. This is because it’s been scientifically proven that travel will increase your happiness, decrease your depression and chill you out. These improvements can last for weeks after you return home from your vacation. So, don’t be surprised if your friends ask you how you got that new glow in the winter time.

A weekend away with your loved one can keep relationships strong. I can tell you first hand, after 13 years of being with my husband, that travel is the secret to our lasting relationship. Experiencing new things, getting through the tough times, enjoying the simple things and working as a team is all part of travel and what has helped us create a beautiful partnership.

How often do you take weekend getaways?

Where is your favourite place to mini-vaca?

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